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Topic: Stop Nemesys bashing!

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    Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Please stop this Nemesys bashing. We get very bad vibes on this forum and I myself consider to stay away for a while. I understand why Nemesys won\'t reply to this list if they have to read so negative posts.
    And it\'s not just Nemesys it hurts - don\'t you think the developers fell bad now?

    It seems not to be a coincidence that the VERY NEGATVE posts comes from new member (Jan. 2001) I wonder : do they own a Nemesys product at all - or is it simply tasteless business slander from Emagic/Steinberg people?

    I think it would be wise to consider dleting these negative threads as they have no other purpose than \"killing\" Nemesys.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Well, I have to answer to this mail. I\'m hardly an expert in software development, but I do have gigastudio 160, and I think this validates my opinion.

    I use gigastudio almost every day. I think it\'s a very useful piece of software. It\'s benefits are great, and it\'s very simple to use comparing to buying extremely expensive hardware samplers. (Though buying a well-spec\'ed pc is also very expensive, but it\'s much more flexible, because you can use a pc for many other programs and operations.)

    BUT: I still agree with the people here that feel Nemesys are neglecting their product.
    That doens\'t mean that Gigastudio is a great program, because it is. I would still recommend it to anyone, who would want to buy a software sampler.

    People state here that Nemesys never answer their email. This I find to be untrue, to a certain degree at least. My experience may differ from other users. They\'ve answered my emails most of the time (I haven\'t written to them that much though), and they were very polite and informative.

    However, I do have several \"problems\" with Nemesys and Gigstudio. It\'s been about 8 months since the release of Gigastudio.
    ..And what has happend this then?
    Almost nothing. A few minor bugfixes and some improved akai conversion.
    What about portamento and legato mode?
    What about a working vibrato/modulation?
    What about basic filter/sound editing functions that has been standard for the last 10 years (at least) on every half-decent hardware sampler?
    What about more effects like echo, lezly, overdrive, and an improved reverb (especially for shorter decays...ouch..)?
    What about more powerful and musical sounding filters?

    People mention that Nemesys must be understaffed. I don\'t find this to be an acceptable excuse. They must be profiting enough to have a staff handle the support and development of this important piece of software. If not, they surely would benefit economically, if they upgraded Gigastudio with new and stable features once in a while.

    The reason why this discussion engage me, is because I think the Gigastudio concept is an excellent idea, but the software isn\'t given the upgrades and functions it needs to be a complete and useful sampler environment.

    I find in many ways Gigastudio to be superior to EXS24, when it comes to interface and sheer possibilities.
    But this is only version 1.0. If Emagic continue to upgrade EXS24, it will soon take over a large piece of the market for Gigastudio, because it already offers better filter and solo-functions like portamento.
    The info I\'ve read about Steinbergs soft-sampler is very limited, but it seems to be more complex than EXS24.

    I mean, look at all the stuff that Propellerhead put in Reason 1.0, compared to what you can do with Gigastudio. There is simply no comparison. Nemesys needs a kick in the butt.

    I respect Nemesys very much, and I think they have developed a great piece of software. But it\'s going nowhere, and it has some very serious bugs and shortcomings.
    I\'m not saying this to hurt Nemesys as a company, but to give them an eye-opener.
    I do still, without a doubt, find Gigastudio to be the ultimate software sampler, but that may soon change if Nemesys doesn\'t start to update their product.

    That\'s my (not so..?) humble opinion anyway.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Putting more weight on some subjects an less in others ( for my taste, bug fixes are ABSOLUTE FIRST, filters and legato are second, new effects come behind... ), this could be the message we Nemesys \"investors\" want Nemesys to hear and answer with facts.

    Now the ball is on their roof...

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Now the ball is on their roof...[/B][/QUOTE]

    Only if they are listening. What I think to be good with a Sampler in a Sequencer is: IT should be much more comfortable to use (& sample accurate timing etc.). Maybe Cakewalk and Nemesys should have a joint-venture...?


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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    I have to agree - the threat from Emagic and Steinberg is real and imminent.

    There is still time for Nemesys to compete, however. It will likely be a while before these products reach maturity. But streaming audio will undoubtedly become the new standard for samplers - it\'s only a matter of time before samplers that DON\'T stream are considered obsolete.

    The question is: how does Nemesys compete exactly? It\'s a little tricky. These competing samplers have some huge advantages - they\'re made by big, experienced companies with proven track records and lots of resources (probably more than Nemesys), they have an existing (huge) user base, they will be tightly integrated into their host sequencers (sound sets loaded in automatically when loading songs), and they have no theoretical limits on polyphony and MIDI channels. Plus I\'m sure they\'ll be extremely competitive price-wise.

    Nemesys is going to have to do something more than just adding new features into GigaStudio to compete. Otherwise they will be left behind in the dust.

    The library format is a non issue. It took a while, but now that Giga is fairly popular, there are excellent sample conversion tools from virtually any format imaginable. I\'m sure the same will happen with these new formats.

    I have no good ideas, I\'m not a software engineer. Maybe Nemesys needs to make a VST2 instrument version of Giga. And for Mac as well as PC. Perhaps adding more Reason-like synth and drum machine \"instruments\" is the solution, but this scares me a bit.

    What I do know is this: I fear for Giga\'s future if Nemesys simply continues on its present upgrade course. What is needed is a major conceptual shift.

    I say this out of geniune fondness for the program and the folks at Nemesys.

    - Chris

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Stmikkel, I couldn\'t have put it better.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by OH:
    Now the ball is on their roof...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Maybe Cakewalk and Nemesys should have a joint-venture...?


    That\'s what I had hoped for all along. I thought the Pro Suite bundle was a sign of things to come. I\'m really dissappointed in Nemesys and Seer.

    But the show will go on, DXi\'s are on the way!

    -david abraham

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