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Topic: monophonic playing and cc #s

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    monophonic playing and cc #s

    Two unrelated questions, actually....

    I saw in the \"thx\" post, that there is some question about the ability to play monotonic lines with GOS. I can\'t imagine what this might imply. I play using a basically monophonic instrument (a wind controller) though I can sustain notes or chords and play melodies on top of them. In what way does GOS have difficulties with monophonic lines?
    The second question regards the assignment of specific controllers to parameters in GOS. I am somewhat limited in the assignment of outgoing continuous controller #. Is GOS fixed in the assignment of incoming cc information. Does it need to see a certain controller # in order to assign incoming cc info to a certain parameter?

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    Re: monophonic playing and cc #s

    That was me that referred to monophonic lines not being possible in Gigastudio (and GOS) except with a tool like Maestro. I should have been more specific Both GOS and Gigastudio have no problem whatsoever accepting midi from monophonic controllers. Maestro certainly isn\'t needed in that case for mono lines. But if you use a polyphonic controller (like keyboard), Gigastudio doesn\'t have an option for forcing monophonic playing. In that case, Maestro offers the monophonic capability.

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