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Topic: Windows Me Paranoia

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    Windows Me Paranoia

    I just purchased a new very fast 1 ghz machine with all the appropriate configurations and hard drives and windows Me!!! all i see on this forum is how bad nemesys sucks and all the problems I\'m going to have. Is anyone successfully using Gigastudio 160 with Windows Me, or should i try to change my PC order to windows 98 (if i can).


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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia

    I\'m using WindowsMe, and am having no trouble that\'s attributable to the operating system. I\'ve had an Athlon 1GHz processor failure, but it became a crispy critter because of my own negligence.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia

    I\'m using Windows ME with a Compaq Presario 7000, PIII/800, 128MB RAM, 6GB EIDE hard drive (for GIGS), Sound Blaster Live! Value card with no problems. I also keep this system cleaner than an operating room. The only running processes are Explorer, Systray, and Msg32.


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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia

    SteveMitchell and Ronlucas

    Thanks for the input. I really want to be enthusiastic about Gigastudio, but I can\'t believe all of the people reporting problems on this forum. Anyway I\'m hoping that by buying a very fast hard drives and and configuring them correctly i can avoid alot of the problems that have been noted here in this forum.


    Are there any specific things that you did to clean up your machine (windows) that will help GigaStudio run better?

    Steve Mitchell,

    How did you fry your processor? no surge protection?

    Thanks again

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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia

    It sounds as if Ronlucas went into his msconfig.exe and edited the startup routine. It works for me as well. Just run that program and get rid of everything you don\'t need running.

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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia

    If you would like to use your machine for anything other than GigaSampler, I HIGHLY recommend getting Partition Magic 6.0 and creating two separate boots--one for GigaSampler and one for everything else. The downside to this is that you will need a Windows CD to do it and most machines today don\'t actually ship with a CD, they just ship with Windows pre-installed.

    Personally, I don\'t trust Windows ME because a lot of my friends have had trouble with it just running their normal software. So I created a new GigaStudio partition and made it Win98 SE. Using PartitionMagic, I can boot into either my GigaStudio partition or my stardard Win ME partition where I can put Word, Excel, Games, Programming stuff etc. That way I can use the computer for everything else without worrying about damaging my GigaStudio setup.

    Of course, all of this is moot if you never want to do anything with the computer except run GigaStudio.

    Thanks to cc for giving me the idea to set up my machine this way.

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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia

    Giggagagga - Nah. The heat conducting compound supplied by AMD sometimes liquifies, and I was left with a processor that didn\'t have full-facial contact with the heat sink. The reason I know this is that there was a tiny burned spot on the heatsink, and I was negligent because I apparently moved the heat monitor thermistor with my finger or something, and I wasn\'t getting proper CPU temp feedback. AMD is replacing the CPU, and giving me better heatsink compound.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia


    I do use a partition manager called Boot IT NG. There are a few to choose from, but this one was only $30. The software is configured as follows:

    Windows ME with all of Microsoft\'s updates including updates to IE 5.5.

    GS160 version 2.01.26.

    Latest Sound Blaster Live! Value drivers. Not the complete set of apps - just the driver.

    Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03.

    I use this config for all my midi stuff. Then I have another boot for office, digital audio using Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 2 and other apps.


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    Re: Windows Me Paranoia

    I am running GS with Windows ME without any problems and loving the output. It\'s a true winner for us here at our studio.

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