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Topic: Maestro tools and Logic audio

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    Maestro tools and Logic audio

    At my computer maestro tools doesn\'t work!
    No with logic, no with Sonar, no with jammer!
    In Giga studio no sound!!!
    What else I can do for this tools working?
    Hwo works with Logic may stap by step explain me where is my mistake in setup or may be I don\'t know where!
    Thank You!

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    Sorry this message by mistake.

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio


    Are you fixed up?

    I had the same problem, with Gst not receiving any MIDI if routed through MarbleSound. I have been using a DirectX (a cheap SB Live!) sound card (I despaired of my Terratec EWS88) for monitoring. When I tried downloading the DirectX 8.1 update from Microsoft, Maestro Tools suddenly started working.

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    Hello Beckers!
    I didn\'t work with DX8.1 I\'ll do it and tell You in future.
    Thank You.

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    My apologies Vitaly - I had assumed you got it working when you posted the messages was by mistake. For Logic to work, you will need to change the C:\\Windows\\Win.ini file as described in the Maestro help Troubleshooting section for Logic crashes. But since it seems from your first post that it\'s not working for any sequencer you use, I\'ll describe the general things you\'ll need to do to work with a sequencer. I think the help file describes this in more detail than I\'ll be able to do in a post, but hopefully this will be helpful to you.
    1. Close all applications and then start MaestroTools.
    2. Choose the menu item of \"Input | Midi Hardware Devices...\"
    3. In the midi devices dialog that should appear, select \"<none>\" for every port and then press ok.
    4. Close Maestro and then start your sequencer.
    5. Configure the sequencer to output midi to the Marblesound outputs. Using Cakewalk/Sonar as an example, you would select the menu item of \"Options | Midi Devices...\" and in the output box, highlight Marblesound Port 1, Marblesound Port 2, Marblesound Port 3, and Marblesound Port 4.(you shouldn\'t highlight any of the Marblesound ports in the input box). Make sure the Nemesys Midi Outs are not selected. Press Ok.
    6. Close the sequencer and start Gigastudio.
    7. Select Settings from the left portion of the GS user interface, and then select the Hardware/Routing tab. For each of the Midi In Ports in the lower left of this tab screen, select a Marblesound Midi Port, using Marblesound Midi port 1 for the first input, Marblesound midi port 2 for the second, and if you have a third and fourth, choose marblesound midi port 3 and 4 for each of those. MAKE SURE you press apply in the upper right of this screen.

    Now that the configuration is done, here\'s what you\'ll need to do when you run the setup. Only parts of this are required, but it sometimes can be easier to see an exact description. First start Gigastudio. Do not press the launch sequencer button from within gigastudio (the setup with Maestro is about the only exception to this rule that you should start the sequencer with the launhc sequencer button. If you change your configuration not to use Maestro, you need to use that button again.). Instead, start the sequencer from the Windows Start menu. Lastly start MaestroTools. Everything ought to work properly now.

    If you have further trouble, let me know. By the way, it shouldn\'t make any difference whether or not you install a version of DirectX.

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    Thank You very much for so great answer!
    I\'ll try it and after drop You mail.
    One more Qw.
    Now I run giga on second computer.
    1.Need I change something in Win.ini file?
    2. I have Fatar SL 760 keyboards (76 keys).
    I haven\'t C0,B0 keys what I need for key switching. Is there option use these keys?
    3.And if I hear sound, how I can check what this really is working? I mean I can hear difference between legato and nonlegato passages, but I don\'t hear diffence between up/down bows.
    Thank You very much.

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    Hi Vitaly,
    to answer your questions..
    1. You only need to make the change to Win.ini that I mentioned when you are using Logic on the computer, since the change is Logic specific.
    2. If your keyboard has a transpose function, you would be able to trigger these keyswitches by transposing down an octave. You would just have to keep in mind that for all the normal string playing you do on the keyboard, you would then have to play an octave higher than normal.
    If you are running a sequencer, instead of doing what I said above, you could manually insert the keyswitch notes.
    3. The easiest way to feel good that Maestro is working is to check the mono box for the channel you\'re working on. It\'s very obvious when mono is working.

    An important thing I just discovered yesterday while testing Logic (I normally use Cakewalk) is that the instructions in the help file and what I gave you above aren\'t completely correct. When you start Logic with the Windows Start button as I advised (instead of the launch sequencer button in Gigastudio), you will have to start Logic while GS is running and close Logic before you exit GS - otherwise your computer will often lock up. Again, this is something specific to Logic only, and it\'s something I\'ll have to address in the next revision of Maestro.

    [This message has been edited by Jeff Hurchalla (edited 01-15-2002).]

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    Thank You very much,Jeff.
    I\'ll try.

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