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Topic: suggestion for gig names

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    suggestion for gig names

    since the windows directory is an alphabetical format, the lists of patches (of which there are many) is not really logical. there\'s no resean that basses should come before violas, for example, but more importantly, the seperate patches within the gigs are simply listed alphabetically.

    i wish they were numbered and grouped according to category and function.

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    Re: suggestion for gig names

    It would be wonderful if the QuickSound database would allow the user to easily reorganize the display order of .gig files, but until that feature is added why not just take advantage of the Windows system to reorganize them yourself. One approach: In Windows Explorer create a folder for each section, only precede the folder name with a number (i.e. 1. 1st Violins, 2. 2nd Violins, 3. All Violins, 4. Violas, 5. Cellos, 6. Basses) and place all the section .gig files into the corresponding folders. The sections will then show up in the numbered order in QuickSound. You could use the same trick to rename the .gig files in whatever order you prefer within the folders. The instrument files in each .gig file appear in the programming order – at least they do on my two systems with version 2.5 (they sometimes appeared in reverse order on my systems with earlier versions). Finally, if you have a preferred order for the instruments themselves you could load the .gig files into the Instrument Editor and re-order them in the programming list. Be sure to rebuild the QuickSound database after you finish all of this.


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    Re: suggestion for gig names

    I just created a big folder on my D drive called \"Gigastrings\" and then individual folders within that.
    Violin Ensembles-1st, 2nd violins, All Violins, short bows, Add. Tech.
    Viola Ensembles-long bows, short bows, Add. Tech.
    Bass Ensembles-Long bows, short bows, Add.Tech.
    Cello Ensembles-Long bows, short bows, Add.Tech.
    Full Strings

    That seems to work fine for me. I just type in what I need (ex.1st violins).

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    Re: suggestion for gig names

    I do the same as Tom.
    Works great.

    Here\'s a quesion.
    When or is there a fix for the way GStudio
    displays your drive, files and folders?

    Ever notice that you always have to drag the views so that you can see the above...

    Francis Belardino

    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.


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