I\'m new to GS. It came with my CWPA suite.
This thing looks really cool, and being a guitarist, the idea of using MIDI to do a bass line, for example and including that in my Cakewalk project really opens up possibilities. Thing is, I\'m not totally sure how to use it. After playing around a little,
it seems that I can have a midi track in Cakewalk that will \"play\" the Giga sounds,
and \"capture\" that as a WAV file...then subsequently import that WAV into my
project as audio. Is that how you do it? If so, I\'m cool there. But, I have the GS disk
called \"Whole Lotta Country\" which has sounds of fiddles, steel guitars, etc. and they are not single notes...but rather licks and fills, etc. How do I use those? Do I simply \"string them together\" to for a complete tune? And what if the sampled lick is the wrong speed...or the wrong key? Can I change that?

ANY information on how to really get a hold on using GS would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!