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Topic: Novice need you advice

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    Novice need you advice


    I\'m just discovering this new strings library. I\'m working with Miroslav Vitus strings, Akai sampler (256 Mo) and a Mac sequencer (nobody is perfect ;-) ).
    I\'ve lessen all demos on this group,and I\'m now considering Giga strings with a PC as my next strings expander.

    I need your help for my next PC configuration :
    * are 16 midi chanels sufficient for a strings only configuration?

    * is an Atlon 900 will give me a good polyphony?


    (I\'m appologise for my English, I\'m french)

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    Re: Novice need you advice

    16 MIDI channels should be fine if you intend to capture the audio to wave and mix them in an audio sequencer/Mixing application. If you are considering realtime palyback ONLY, you can get away with 16 channels, but may find yourself wanting to use more.

    As for the athlon, I use an Athlon Tbird 1 gig and get about 140 poly max. At 900mhz, you may want to consider a faster hard drive, maybe even SCSI to get full poly with no real problems

    Really...I am an Idiot

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