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Topic: crescendos

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    One of the features that I was excited about was sampled crescendos. When I got all of the sounds into my computer, I noticed that there was only crescendos for the basses?

    I thought that all of the sections would have this feature.

    Did anyone else get this for the basses only?

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    Re: crescendos

    Yes they are only done for the basses. But it\'s not much of a problem, you can make realistic crescendos using the EXP patches.

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    Re: crescendos

    The realtime exp patches do work very well indeed. They used real sampled crescendos to compare until they nailed the effect. One of the demos even shows a comparison and there is not much difference and you have real time control to boot. I\'m not even sure why the sampled crecendo bass is included. I simply use the exp one instead for more control.
    Take care
    David Govett

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    Re: crescendos

    There\'s a 22 Violins Legato Cresc MW EXP patch which is very good as well. But like Simon and David said, you get very realistic results with more control using the EXP patches.

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