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Topic: More Demos to Gooooo...

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    More Demos to Gooooo...

    Hey fellas, if you have any demos available for listening, please post them. They\'re extremely beneficial to those who don\'t own this library in the aspect of just wanting to be amazed at the realism. \"Going In,\" is by far the most realistic demo you guys have posted, and if you can post more demos like that, or just ANYTHING, please do. Let this new Topic be the post for new demos.

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    Re: More Demos to Gooooo...


    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: More Demos to Gooooo...

    A couple of very quick ones at http://briefcase.yahoo.com/ursatz , in the music folder.

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    Re: More Demos to Gooooo...

    Here is my first orchestral demo I posted a few weeks back using GOS.

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    Re: More Demos to Gooooo...

    Here\'s one I posted a couple months ago: http://members.home.net/haydn12/. The one using GOS is the Adventures of Jar Jar. Please note that there are still a few beta sounds. It gives a good idea of marcato up/down and pizzicato sounds.

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    Re: More Demos to Gooooo...

    Great job on that demo! I was listening to that cue last night as a matter of fact .

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