I\'m using GS 2.0. When I combine instruments in the Editor, it seems the individual instrument\'s volume characteristics are ignored completely by the new combined instrument! In other words,let\'s say note G4 of Trumpet has an attenuation of 4 to make it quieter, and note G4 of Trumpet Staccato has an attenuation of 20 because it was way too loud relative to the Trumpet. I combine these two instruments with keyboard dimension control. Suddenly I find the new combined instrument disregards the individual attenuation characteristics of both the Trumpet and Trumpet Staccato, and plays back G4, for both instruments, at an attenuation of 0. To change the attenuation for one, changes both. Yet fine tuning for each wavesample is not linked like this, so why is volume? Advice? Is there a workaround? Am I crazy? Thanks for any help.