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Topic: deleting keyswitch and light to save memory

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    deleting keyswitch and light to save memory

    for users who are unlikely to use the \"keyswitch and light\" patches, it might be more memory efficient to dump them. Are ALL the same patches available elsewhere? will i lose anything that i might regret? Will I save significant space, or are they accessing the same sample data as the larger patches?

    i\'ll keep the \"full orchestra light\", of course. that\'s an amazingly musical tool for composing.

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    Re: deleting keyswitch and light to save memory

    I use the keyswitched versions as sketchpads. They are handy when you need multiple articulations and don\'t feel like stopping to add patch changes. The lite gigs have samples every minor 3rd and do not include all the velocity levels of the main instruments. This saves memory space when you need alot of instruments loaded at once. If you delete them, this won\'t affect the rest of the library as they include there own samples.

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