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Topic: Help with length and attack controls, please...

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    Help with length and attack controls, please...

    Hey Folks - Hope you can help me with the following questions:
    1) How can I assign the attacks to a GPC controller, so that I can control attack time in my score? I find that the GOS string attacks are almost always too fast for what I am trying to do.
    2) I can\'t seem to get the length control to do anything on, i.e., Grand Detache. I move it up and down and I don\'t notice a change? Also, I love the sounds of the detaches, but sometimes they are too short for slower passages that I still feel should be played with them. Any hints on making them play longer?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Help with length and attack controls, please...

    well. Normally you would add an EG MOD control to the notes and set it up to control Attacks, but right now its set to control release. You COULD make teh attck envelope longer in Giga Edit, then use \"legato\" mode to shorten up the attacks (using GPC controller 5 to shorten and lengthen attacks. It should work, but isn\'t the most \"natural\" sounding.

    I personally jsut get longer attacks by using the \"expression\" MIDI controller (CC# 11).

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Help with length and attack controls, please...


    Question #1: You can change GPC assignments in the Instrument Editor. Here’s a little tutorial to help you do that. I’ve chosen GPC-1 for the attacks to keep it consistent with the rest of the G.O.S. library.

    As an example:

    1. load 1st Violin Short Bows into the Instrument Editor.
    2. Highlight the first instrument in the instrument list on the left, 1st Vln Grand Detache.
    3. Place your cursor just to the left of the regions below the virtual keyboard, hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right until you \"rubber band\" all regions. Release the left mouse button and all regions should change to the color yellow to indicate that they have been selected.
    4. Place your cursor in the bottom segment of the velocity box (center bottom), hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor up until you \"rubber band\" all 4 segments of the velocity box. Release the left mouse button and all segments should change to the color green to indicate that they have been selected.
    5. On the lower right select the \"EG mod\" tab.
    6. Change the modulation source from \"(17)General Purpose 2\" to \"(16)General Purpose 1\" using the drop down list in the modulation source window.
    7. Just below that, move the Release slider all the way to the left and the attack slider 3 notches to the right.
    8. Click on the \"Apply EG mod\" button at the lower left corner of the tab.
    9. Save the .gig file.

    GPC-1 will now control the attack envelope and can be automated using cc#16.

    Question #2: See my response in the \"GPC-7 and GPC-8\" thread. As far as lengthening the Grand Detaches – this has been one of the most frequently requested modifications to the library. It’s a tall order (for technical reasons) but if and when we can, it will be added. For now, the sustains are your only choice for note values that exceed the length of the Grand Detache samples unless you try layering the two and control their relative levels independently.


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    Re: Help with length and attack controls, please...

    Thanks Tom, and King Idiot! I\'ll give it a shot...

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