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Topic: But I want to play too

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    But I want to play too

    I\'ve been waiting almost two weeks to receive my GOS that I ordered. I\'ve also sent a couple of unanswered emails to Gary@harps.com. Is he maybe not using this address anymore or is this normal?

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    Re: But I want to play too

    Apparently he still uses it, as that is the address on the ordering information page.

    The seemingly slow shipping is one of the main reasons I have not ordered GOS yet (other than the lack of solid demos, and not even really *needing* right now it in the first place).

    Custom manual or not, if it ends up getting over two weeks, that\'s ridiculously slow. And how long ago did you send these emails, by the way?

    Oh well...

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    Re: But I want to play too


    There are very few orders that are taking two weeks. Orders are now being sent in about one week. Those orders that are taking longer usually have credit card or other issues.

    All email I receive is answered promptly and personally. If you are using Gary@harps.com, as indicated in your post, it may not have reached me. Try using lower-case gary@harps.com. There are other ways to get a hold of me. My phone number and fax are also listed on my web site.

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    Re: But I want to play too

    Hi - I\'m a first-time poster to northernsounds (though a regular reader for some time). Just wanted to provide a bit of balance and report my own entirely satisfactory customer experience. Prompt response from Gary to a pre-purchase query; estimated delivery time (circa one week to the UK) at time of order was exactly what it turned out to be; and then very rapid support (within the hour) from Jeff@Marblesound over some initial teething problems my particular system had with Maestro Tools.

    This isn\'t an attempt to further beatify the GOS team (!) - just a satisfied customer reporting back. Unsolicited, I should add.

    Best wishes


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    Re: But I want to play too


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