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Topic: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

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    Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    Steinberg VST HALion:

    Apparently, it does BOTH HD and RAM data streaming.

    Just do the math, Nemesys:
    1) Bad customer support.
    2) No longer the only soft sampler with HD streaming.
    3) Lots of system crashes and compatibility issues.
    4) Slow, and minor updates.
    5) Unefficient and ugly user interface.
    6) And above all, low level output ...

    Steinberg (or Emagic, who knows?) has an opportunity to grab a significant market share. Lets see if they make it a standalone app compatible not only with Cubase, maybe using Cakewalk DXi (a hard one).

    About sample formats, there are translators to convert to other formats, there is a new version of one of these translators that does Giga to other formats (have to check the posting from the developer).

    And I have seen some of Gigas libraries from EastWest available for the Emagic\'s EXS24 sampler.

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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    Emagic is offering a similar solution!!!!!!!

    With Emagic and Steinberg\'s consistent track record of quality products, these just may be the viable alternatives to bug-ridden GigaXXX...

    I do not want to lose faith, but after 3 months of crashes, after shelling out a substantial investment for the product, the memory, hard drive(s), and audio hardware needed to operate Giga products with no success, not to mention valuable time, while unable to receive any usable solution(s) from Nemesys...


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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!


    The URL below offers more information about Emagic\'s EXS24 Sampler (Soon offered in a VST 2.0 Plugin version as well)

    Current fellow Logic Audio Gold/Platinum and EXS24 users should rejoice since the soon-to-be-released downloadable Version 4.7 (free)of Logic Audio will provide all of the new features (hard drive streaming, etc.)!!!!

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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    Well you excited GS rebels!

    Though I read with curiosity these innovations, I feel they can\'t be elevated to \"killer\" status because they forgot the most important feature: the ability to import GS format libraries!!! With the number of GS format libraries sprouting out every now and then, who is ready to purchase a EX24 format library even if it is available? Besides, those early adopters will become lone rangers since it will be sometime before a user forum like this develops for their platform!

    Just like Logic Audio stays ahead in the competition by offering compatibilty with VST plug-ins, these market challengers must offer the same compatibility to encourage existing GS users to make the switch early on.

    There is no other way they can bite a significant chunk off from the GS market share and user base.

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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    OK, I figured it out. Thanks, gigaDiga. The direct from disk streaming is only mentioned in the NAMM news announcements. They haven\'t put it in the regular product description pages because it hasn\'t been released yet. (They say it will be available in February.) It looks like it will only be available from within Logic Audio (at least initially.) I do my midi/digital audio recording and editing on a Mac TDM system, so Logic on a PC isn\'t really an option for me. I will continue to watch for new developments.


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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    Emagic\'s web site is as dificult to read as Logic\'s interface! (at 1280x1024 anyway)

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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    I checked out Emagic\'s website regarding the EXS24. Among its features is:
    \"Sample memory only limited by computer RAM\"
    In other words, it does not stream samples from the hard drive as the Gigasampler does. That means that to have a hope of loading the Gigapiano into the EXS24, your computer would have to have close to a gigabyte of ram; and that\'s just for the one instrument! I can load multiple instruments the size of the gigapiano into my gigasampler, and my computer only has 128 meg of ram.
    Yes, there are problems with the gigasampler and with Nemesys\'s tech support. It\'s obvious from these forums that there are gigasampler users who can\'t get theirs work at all. I don\'t know what fraction of giga users they represent. There are those of use who have a working system, but have some problems (I have a Gigastudio 96, but can only get 64 voices, for no apparent reason.) One the other hand, I know someone who has a Gigastudio 160 and is getting 160 voices of polyphony.
    I think that if someone can\'t get the giga to work at all, Nemesys should give him his money back. I also think they should offer a downloadable demo, so that people could make sure they can get it to work before they buy it.
    Nevertheless, there is no way I am going to switch to the EXS24 and give up my gigapiano and gigaharp! I suggest that if you have the time for it, keep trying to get your giga to work - it\'s worth it.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    Sorry to be so quick off the mark Paul...

    but you should check out the links provided, especially the second emagic one. It seems that, at last, Nemesys does have some serious competition as both of these plug-ins provide direct-from-disk sample access.

    I personally don\'t care who I buy a decent working soft sampler solution from.... as long as it does what Nemesys always promised their Giga** products would. i.e. replace my, now sold, hardware sampler.

    Both Steinberg and E-magic are not exactly one-man shows and they are bound to provide both an excellent upgrade path and an excellent customer support.

    Of course, as a legitimate Gigastudio user, I am hoping (perhaps naively) that Nemesys will respond to this threat. Or perhaps Steinberg or E-magic should buy them out.

    Whatever benefits the user.


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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    Am I missing something? My quote \"Sample memory only limited by computer RAM\" was copied and pasted directly from Emagic\'s website. I have been unable to find reference on that site to any version of the EXS24 streaming samples from the hard drive. If you have found something different, could you point out the specific page you found it on? I would be happy to see a product that competes with Gigasampler in this sense.


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    Re: Gigasampler/Nemesys Killer!!!

    \"Direct from Disc Streaming

    The new Direct from Disc Streaming option allows samples to also be played directly from the hard drive. This means that the sample instrument size is only limited by the capability of the hard drive. An intelligent use of the cache permits a level of performance that was previously the preserve of RAM based computers - not only extremly short latency, but even Direct from
    Disc Streaming for looped samples and samples in reverse mode.\"

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