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Topic: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

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    TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    I was wondering if the professional composers would be willing to tell us which of their shows and movies feature the Garritan Orchestral Strings. Gary mentioned one show a while back, and on the main forum Chris Beck mentioned using the strings in an episode of \"Buffy.\" Like everyone else here, I anticipate a flood of superb demos from fellow beta testers, but I\'d also like to hear what Gary\'s strings sound like on the small and big screen.


    P.S. Let me extend this invitation to those of you who write for computer games. When Ron Jones paid a visit to a couple of my classes at UCSB, he was working on a Star Trek game (Starfleet Academy, I believe). The music was quite interesting, and my students enjoyed looking at his score (a fair copy, mind you) and listening to the sound track, which was a combination of samples and live orchestra. He also played some excerpts from a few of his \"Star Trek: The Next Generations\" episodes, delighting my students to no end.

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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    I used GOS (well, \"Gigastrings\" at the time!) on the last three episodes of \"Angel\" last season. The biggest help the library gave me for those eps was great violin expression, and violin short bows for clear and fast rhythm in some action sequences.

    The new season has started up again and I\'m using it more and more. The first episode I used the EXP cellos for a cello line that there\'s NO WAY I would use with any other library. Plus the short bows and again when I really need more expression I go for the full violin EXP patches. The Port/Trem patch also comes in very handy for an eerie, glassy effect.

    Also, 22 violins Sordino is another big favorite for use in this show, not to mention the Additional techniques / fx which I am sure will be used a LOT!

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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    Thanks, Robert! I now have a great excuse to watch \"Angel\" (to my wife: \"I\'m studying the underscore to hear how Kral uses those strings.\") I have to confess that I watched \"Angel\" for the first time only a few weeks ago; my wife and I don\'t have much time in the evenings to watch the tube regularly after we get the kids to bed. I don\'t recall the episode or even the story line, since I was only interested in the music, which was quite intriguing and captivating, BTW.


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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    There will be an episode of the program \"Atmospheres\" (Weather Channel) airing for the first time on or about October 17 or 18 that will use music from my piece \"Serene and Savage Sea\". S&S Sea used Gary\'s Strings, and I was putting in the newer, updated articulations as fast as Gary and Tom were sending them out. I used a combination of 2nd violins(beta1) and All Violins(beta2) for the 2nd violin parts.
    You can listen to the TV version at my brand new website, www.MediaMusicProductions.com. Since it\'s so new, you may need to use the IP address, Go to my Music for Media page to find the link to the mp3.
    I still have some work to do on this piece for my next CD \"Gifts from the Ocean\", mainly reworking the timpani and percussion to my satisfaction. But, there it is for now, as the world will first hear it.

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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    My piece went straight from the FedEx delivery van into the post production engineer\'s eager, outstretched hands only a couple of days ago, and I imagine it will be at least a few days before I hear anything from the director or producer.

    I\'ll be sure and let you know if there are any comments about the strings. (I\'m much more likely to hear about the I-IV-V ... )

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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    Robert and Trond:

    What sort of response to the strings are you getting from your directors and producers? Robert: You mentioned that the 22 Violins Sordino is a \"big favorite for use in this show . . .\", so I assume this means that others involved with the show like the violins, as well.


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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    I\'m working on two games right now that use GOS. Unfortunately due to NDA issues I can\'t post music from either nor can I even name one of the games. The other game has been going by the working title Sigma: The Adventures of Rex Chance. It\'s being developed by Relic (the creators of Homeworld) and published by Microsoft. All bias aside, I have to say it\'s a pretty amazing game. I hope to make the audio/music live up to the rest of the production.

    I\'ll let you know how it goes...

    ps: if anyone\'s interested, I was given permission to post some of the tunes (which were played at E3) on my website. http://www.lionsheadpro.com

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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    The last project I finished for 3DO is called GoDai. They were so impressed by the music (I say its the strings ) that they are trying to release a CD soundtrack, to go along ith the game. I\'ll keep you guys informed.

    It was all finished during the first beta round....and I know I could have made it sound spectacular if I was working on it now.

    IN FACT. I just found this
    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    Great post anyone else out there using GOS for film or TV?

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: TV shows and films featuring GOS?

    Could anyone recommend who to send demos off to in regards to TV or PC games? I\'d love to get a chance to score a documentary or a game but have no idea who I would need to send my demos to.
    Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. I\'ve got so much music I\'ve composed, but have no one to listen or send it to.

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