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Topic: MaestroTools idea...

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    MaestroTools idea...

    Since some of us play with small keyboards that don\'t access the range of the keyswitching functions of Maestro, wouldn\'t it be cool if there were 3 keys at the bottom of the Maestro interface which would send a midi event of that key\'s note on value to instigate that mode on the selected channel. For example, I load up an alternating patch and go to Maestro to click off the bypass switch for that channel. While I\'m there, it would be great to be able to send that channel a A0 message to turn on alternating bows, rather than go into my sequencer and drop in a note. It would just be a much more efficient way of working for me. Anyone else agree?

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    Re: MaestroTools idea...

    Probably a good idea. What do you say Jeff?

    An alternative to the current situation would be to use the octave transpose on your keyboard to get yourself into range for the AO switch note, as you probably know and decided against using in favor of your sequencer.

    Jeff, since this library works so well with a breath controller, and Kingidiot also likes his guitar controller - and who knows what else he\'ll come up with - adding a function like IOComposer suggests will go a big step towards making it more user friendly for yet an additional group of players.


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