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Topic: Maestro Tools!

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    Maestro Tools!

    Well I sat myself down last night and figured out how Maestro Tools works and love the results ! I realized my keyboard uses A1 or B1 to trigger Maestro instead of A0 and B0. The Up and Down bowings are a real plus and make it sooo much easier to pull off then having to play both hands for up and down strokes.
    The legato Mode feature is fantastic as well. I will have to practice getting my expression to sound better (it\'s always been the hardest part for me).
    I especially love the release control on GPC-2.
    I\'m still a little fuzzy on the masking control on GPC-5. I set my mod wheel controller to 80 (GPC-5) and moved it up and down while holding down the sustain pedal and playing notes, but didn\'t really notice any change between notes as far as attacks. I\'m wanting to do some slower legato type stuff with slower attacks. Any tips for the masking control would be greatly appreciated to achieve a slower attack.
    Once again a big thumbs up for Gary, Tom, Jeff, the beta team, and the rest of the people that made this library possible.

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    Re: Maestro Tools!

    The GPC-5 attack masking control is pretty subtle, but it dioes make a difference. For slower attacks, turn the legato mode off, and use a mix of the expression controler and the Mod wheel EXP control.

    Ther is so much control that it takes some time to get used to the options, but do these strings sound good

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Maestro Tools!


    Just to make sure: You were using an LEG instrument with the sustain pedal depressed while trying to adjust GPC-5 weren\'t you? Since this controller adjusts masking samples it only works with LEG instruments. The effect is subtle but should be clearly audible.

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    Re: Maestro Tools!

    Hey Tom,
    I don\'t know if I\'m completely using the Legato Mode correctly. Here\'s what I do:

    First of all, Maestro Tools is all set up correctly. The channels I use for the LEG instrument is bypassed as it should be.
    I load up a VLS susV LEG EXP patch and press the sustain pedal as soon as I play a note. I keep my foot pressed down on the sustain pedal the whole time as I play other notes, then release the sustain pedal on the last note, then release the note. Is that the way to do it?
    While moving the Mod Controller (set to 80-GPC 5) up and down while holding down the sus pedal and playing notes, I really couldn\'t audibly tell if it was doing anything. It\'s possible that I might have been a bit audio tired when I did this because I was on my computer for a while last night. I will go back tonight after my gig at House of Blues and listen again.
    I\'m so jazzed about the Auto-Alternator! That is a really cool feature This library seriously kicks butt!

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    Re: Maestro Tools!


    Make sure the bypass is unchecked for the channel with the legato patch!! Bypass shuts off MaestroTools for that channel.

    A good test to see how GPC-5 is working:
    Play a fast run without the pedal, then press the pedal down while playing the same run. You should barely hear the notes without the pedal. With the pedal you should be able to play fast runs quite well. This lets you know if legato mode is working properly. If the notes sustain when pressing the pedal down, you have the channel bypassed. If no change happens, then the MarbleSound driver may not be working and has actually been replaced with the GigaStudio driver. You can go into the settings, click the drop down for the 1st port and reselect the MarbleSound driver (even though it\'s probably showing when you first went in), then click on apply.

    Once you\'ve verified that legato mode is working properly, you can then play with GPC-5. Try playing the fast run with it at a low number such as 40 - it should almost sound like legato mode without the pedal down with barely any sound playing. Now move it to 80 and it should be have a smoother sound from note to note. Now move it up to 127 - you should now actually have more \'bump\' as you move from note to note. This last setting comes in handy for fast notes in the middle of a legato passage that need more attack.

    It will take a little practice getting the exact settings that work for different playing styles. This library will definitely take some practice to learn to use effectively but it\'s well worth the results. It\'s almost like learning to play a new instrument. One thing I\'ve noticed - there are multiples ways to get the same result depending on the combination of instruments you use.

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    Re: Maestro Tools!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Damon:
    The channels I use for the LEG instrument is bypassed as it should be.]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Duh!!! I meant to say the channels are not bypassed! I can\'t believe I said that. No, the channels are definitely not bypassed when I use the LEG samples.
    Anyway, thanks for the tip Haydn. I\'m going to mess around with it some more tonight.

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    Re: Maestro Tools!

    The Easiest way to hear the difference in the GPC-5 attack masking control is to switch on the \"mono\" mode and turn on the option for sustaining notes (option menu).

    then kick on the sustain pedal/control. Turn the release control all the way down. Now *TAP* a key, then ap it again, move the GPC-5 control, tap it again....key moving the GPC-5 controller and tapping you\'ll hear the attack change. This should give you an idea of waht GPC-5 does

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Maestro Tools!

    I messed around with the GPC-5 controller last night and today in Legato mode and do indeed hear the difference. I must have been audio tired the other night when I thought I couldn\'t tell a difference.
    The more I sit down with this library, the more I am amazed at all of the options one has to be able to write for strings.

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