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Topic: duplicating a sample in a .gig + starting point

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    duplicating a sample in a .gig + starting point

    yes, is it possible to make a copy of an audio directly inside an instrument? because many times i want to change a sample, but keep the old one as a backup.
    i usually export the audio, then import it again, but there should be some better way of doing it....

    another thing, does anyone know if theres some way of setting a starting point in a sample without cutting in the wave? you know, just setting a poing where the sound should start when you press a key.
    i know that this is possible in serveral other both hardware and software samplers

    by the way, i use gstudio 160 2.01

    well well...peace to all of yall/ dj lo-kut

    (ps. im from sweden if anyone like to know)

    [This message has been edited by lo-kut (edited 01-22-2001).]

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    Re: duplicating a sample in a .gig + starting point


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