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Topic: Giga files sound too high

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    Giga files sound too high

    Maybe it is something I haven\'t configured correctly - but the Gig files, including the Gigapiano, that came with my LE edition I\'m trying out, sound like samples playing one or two octaves higher than their correct pitch. In short Middle C ain\'t Middle C (I have perfect pitch so I know) and it sounds crap too.

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Giga files sound too high

    This may or may not help, but from past experience, I\'ve run across certain manufacturers of MIDI keyboards (Korg in particular) whose keyboard layouts differ by an octave from what has become the industry standard.

    If your MIDI controller is made by Korg, that may be your source of conflict. At any rate, it may be worth checking out.

    Hope this helps...


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    Re: Giga files sound too high

    Make sure that you’re using the same sample rate in GS and you sound card.

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    Re: Giga files sound too high

    Well, I\'m using the Event Gina card, Cakewalk Studio 9. Don\'t seem to have many options for changing the sample rate on the card. The two options in GS in Config | Outputs are 32 and 44.1. Changing them doesn\'t seem to have any effect. My keyboard is an 88-key Fatar controller. My midi interface is a MOTU Micro Express. Never had a problem with octave placement with these before.

    Thanks for the replies but I\'m still stuck. Just hope Nemysys technical support may yield some answers - I\'m not optimistic however.

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    Re: Giga files sound too high

    I\'ve questioned about this problem a few times some time ago. I think the problem started after I installed the new drivers for Gina (ie 5.06). I had no problems with 5.02. Try re-installing the older drivers.

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    Re: Giga files sound too high

    Yeah the problem seems to be the drivers for Gina.

    Thanks for the tip. Of course now I\'m having problems with Cubase VST ASIO multimedia setup. Can\'t have everything I suppose.

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