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Topic: Lenght of drum samples+Cubase

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    Lenght of drum samples+Cubase

    I am new user of GIGA STUDIO and I would like please someone to help me
    to the above question:
    I have make my own drum Gigs from my favorites drum samples.
    When I use one Drum Track (Cubase) and I write for example a
    long Crash Cym., this ends quickly becouse the lenght value is 32.
    I want when a 32 lenght note plays to listen all the real lenght of
    sample-note,for example a very long Crash Cym.
    Does anybody know to tell me how can I do it from the Giga Studio editor?

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    Re: Lenght of drum samples+Cubase

    The function you need to alter in the Giga editor is the RELEASE time of the crash cymbal region\'s amplifier envelope.

    Get the drumkit up in the editor.

    Select the crash cymbal region.

    Select the amplifier envelope tab in case properties.

    Type in a larger number in the release box.

    Choose \'apply\'.

    Resave the new version of the drumkit.

    good luck

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