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Topic: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

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    Exclamation "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    Dear Garritan Forum friends -

    For some time now, every single ounce of my energy and every second of my time has been devoted to one of the biggest projects of my life: The new one-person play, "KARLOFF," which brings Boris "Frankenstein" Karloff back to life on the stage.

    Today, the Kickstarter campaign for the play has finally gone live. Some Forum members have already found the site this morning, and it's my fervent wish that all of my friends here in the Garritan Community will come take a look. Video, photos, info - there's lots to see. Just click the play's poster to be swept away to "KARLOFF!"


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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    I'll be sure to take a look. Hope I can help...

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    Quote Originally Posted by wrayer View Post
    I'll be sure to take a look. Hope I can help...

    Thanks much, Bill - It's been great to see you hooked up to me on Facebook - See you there!


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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    I'm a backer.

    It would be great to see how many Northern Sounds people we can get to support this project - the way we have collectively supported others over the years to put on show or help them travel to their performances.

    I can't think of a person more worthy of this forum's support, from either a talent point of view, which suggests the show will be worthy, and the genuine generosity of the man behind the play.

    Let's all get involved, even if it is just for a small amount, and show our solidarity for the great man who has given so much to this forum.


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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    I've "kicked" in. What a great project!


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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    Hi Randy!

    It didn’t hurt a bit to help out.

    I read Boris Karloff’s Wikipedia. It said he developed a bad back from delivering plaster. I believe that translates into what is known as hod carrying in the construction business. Bricks or mud, it has to get up to the working mason and it’s all very heavy lifting.


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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    Randy, I scrolled thru this site. Come back to comment on this later.

    Great stuff,

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!


    The Earth has tilted on its axis, and The Universe is spinning in a different direction - because "KARLOFF" has been such an all-consuming project for some time now. I'm not complaining!--just explaining my absence here on the Forum.

    I'm simply unable to stretch myself any further, what with the play being my sole occupation for a minimum of 8 hours a day for many months now. Many is the time that I've thought, "Ah me, I should check in at The Forum," but I never have energy left to do yet more on these jam-packed days.

    Being so hot and heavy at work on the show, and maintaining both the Facebook fan page and the Kickstarter campaign which this thread was initially about, has made me realize there is definitely a cosmic shift happening in me As time marches on and age has its way of providing me less energy for doing everything I want, I realize that I'm going back to what was most important to me in my youth: Theatre.

    Music has always been an additional, rewarding occupation, but for many reasons, it just no longer is such a central, driving force in my life. I find myself not terribly interested in working up music projects. I did have quite a burst of activity earlier this year, as I arranged and produced the soundtrack for "KARLOFF" - And I feel that burst will keep me satisfied for quite some time.

    And so, it's looking to me that when this first production of "KARLOFF" is finished, I think it's still quite possible that I'll never be as active as I have been for so long here at The Forum, since music is much more on the back burner for me now.

    In any case - The last time I posted was a month ago when my crowdfunding drive for "KARLOFF" started at Kickstarter. Now, with just a couple of days left in the campaign, I am VERY happy to announce that the campaign has been extremely successful. As I type, we have reached 120% of our original (minimum) goal - And that is super!--because the actual cost of the show is much more than the goal I went for at Kickstarter. I needed to keep the goal modest, because if it wasn't reached, none of the funds would have been collected.

    But now here we are at 120% and the pressure is off - I won't need to contemplate robbing banks to get the show on!

    AND, VERY IMPORTANT - I am VERY happy to say that FIVE Garritan Forum members have become proud "KARLOFF" backers:

    Chris Aher

    Gary Aubry

    "Chip" Reber Clark

    Phillip Lovgren

    Alan Perkins

    --I want you lads to take a bow. I applaud loudly in your general direction, wanting you to again know how appreciative I am of your support for this project.

    My wife had a fun fantasy - that perhaps some of the 100+ Forum members who downloaded my Autoharp for free may want to chip in on this crowfunding effort. You may recall that initially I made the error of making the Autoharp's $10 price only a "suggested donation." lol - 100 downloads happened almost instantly, and I realized "Oops! Error!"--and changed the price to an actual price, not just a suggested one. Of course it was too late. Most people who wanted the instrument already had it. Fine - live and learn. BUT, I recount what she said in case that inspires anyone here to join the "KARLOFF" backers gang before the drive ends the early morning of Aug 21.

    SO - That's my report - I just HAD to finally pause this busy Sunday morning and give my old Garritan friends an update.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "KARLOFF" now live on Kickstarter!

    Less than 24 hours for the Garritan forum to show appreciation for all of Randy's assistance over the years. And perhaps the free use of his autoharp.

    Let's help him get the project to fulfil its potential in Salem.

    23 hours and ticking...


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