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Topic: Creating a .GIG drumkit from the Peter Erskine CD

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    Creating a .GIG drumkit from the Peter Erskine CD


    Sorry for the elementary nature of this question, but I have not found any help for this question.

    I have the Peter Erskine Drum CD, and what I want to do is construct a Giga instrument that includes a) the basic 32MB kid b) the ride cymbal samples and c) the crash cymbal samples onto the full layout of my keyboard so that I may trigger any of these samples in real time.

    I thought, using Gigasampler 64\'s instrument editor, that I could import that gigs and \"paste\" them onto different regions of my keyboard. BUT, every time I try to import my gig samples, but software only allows me to use .wav files, not .gig.

    Do I need some kind of conversion of the GIGs on my Erskine disc to WAV? Am I missing the point? I thought this would be so simple.

    Any help appreciated.



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    Re: Creating a .GIG drumkit from the Peter Erskine CD


    it is not clear to me where exactly is your problem.

    I do the following:
    1. import waves from the cd
    2. open the 32Mb .gig kit
    3. add samples to it (the ones I
    4. assign to the keys.

    Hope it´s clear.

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