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Topic: importing wavs into gigasampler LE

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    importing wavs into gigasampler LE


    This is prob a dumb question but how do you import a wav into gigasampler LE? I got this product bundled with my Tascam psi-822 and if I like it,I may upgrade to a full version. Please tell me it\'s really easy.


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    Re: importing wavs into gigasampler LE

    Hi Cobra,

    It’s bit tedious for someone to give the full step by step procedure here (probably why no one’s answered). It all happens in the Editor. It’s easy but not necessarily intuitive. Why not play around there a bit. Then you can ask for what you can’t figure out.

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    Re: importing wavs into gigasampler LE

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the response. I was playing with the editor and I am actually getting somewhere. I also emailed support and they sent me a tutorial doc that goes through some steps so I may work through that.



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    Re: importing wavs into gigasampler LE

    I believe that Worra had some tutorials on his web site concerning step by step instuctions on creating Gigs at one time. Check it out. Peace.

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