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Topic: Gigastudio & Windows ME

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    Gigastudio & Windows ME

    I would like to know if anyone is using Gigastudio and Windows ME.I´m currently running Gigastudio and Windows 98SE and practicaly have no problems,but a friend of mine told me that WME is more stable and reliable than W98SE.Any comments/experiences.

    SoMA Studios

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    Re: Gigastudio & Windows ME

    I am running GS 160 on a P4 with Windows ME. It does great. No problems or complaints

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    Re: Gigastudio & Windows ME

    Wauw you actually bought a P4? Too much money that you didn\'t know what else to use for or what? Surely ATM nothing speaks well for P4 compared to Tbird or the next Athlons hehe

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    Re: Gigastudio & Windows ME

    I have Windows ME. I recently purchased Cakewalk Pro Suite, which includes Gigasampler LE. It worked fine, but I want the \"capture\" feature, which is disabled in LE. So I ordered the \"full upgrade\" (to Gigasampler 64). Now it won\'t work at all. A Gigasampler window flashes on for an instant, about one tenth of a second, then disappears, and that\'s it. Not even an error window. I left a message with Nemesys tech support, and hopefully they\'ll be able to help me...

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    Re: Gigastudio & Windows ME

    Siku, I don\'t recommend upgrading to Windows ME unless you have a compelling reason to. I don\'t think ME is any more stable than Win98 Second Edition. In fact, my dad had a very bad experience with it and has gone back to Win98SE.

    Unless your current setup is really unstable, I wouldn\'t mess with it. Just my opinion.

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    Re: Gigastudio & Windows ME

    I use GigaStudio160 with WinME with no problems. However, my opinion on the stability of anyone\'s setup would be affected by the hardware they intend to use and the drivers for those devices.

    I use a Compaq PIII/800 with 128MB of RAM and a Sound Blaster Live! Value card.


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    Re: Gigastudio & Windows ME

    Regarding my flawed LE upgrade, NemeSys tech support called me back. He said other customers have recently had the same problem, which he says is a \"corrupt, incorrectly created upgrade CD\". He\'s going to send me a replacement CD, hopefully that one will work. So in this case it wasn\'t Windows ME\'s fault, supposedly.

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    Re: Gigastudio & Windows ME

    Thanks guys for taking the time to answer,i think im gonna follow Jamieh suggestion to stick to 98se,you are right if it aint broke dont fix it.
    Thanks again,

    SoMA Studios

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