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Topic: Gigastudio + Logic Audio + Latency?

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    Re: Gigastudio + Logic Audio + Latency?


    Please ignore this post. Typical of me to find out of the problem, right after posting a message about it on the internet.

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    Re: Gigastudio + Logic Audio + Latency?

    So what did you find out???

    C\'mon, share!

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    Gigastudio + Logic Audio + Latency?


    I use Gigastudio together with Logic Audio (win), and I\'m getting pretty frustrated here. My problem is latency. According to Nemesys, Gigastudio is supposed to have about 5-9 ms latency. That\'s something I find to be completely untrue.

    Playing \"inside\" gigastudio, I notice latency - especially with the gigapiano. Definately more than playing asio instruments with 11 ms latency. When using Logic Audio, the latency problem is much more noticeable. No way the latency is below 40 ms. Being a fairly decent keyboard player myself, makes this a very annoying creative and practical hinderance.
    Why does latency increase when I use midi via logic audio to gigastudio? (Turning off and on audio engine (ASIO) doesn\'t make any difference.)
    I use some _very_ fast scsi harddrives, and I have a fast t-bird 900mhz machine with a a7v mainboard - with win98se.

    Why is this happening? Is it only me (bad setup/settings), or is it Gigastudio?
    I\'m really starting to get fed up about this, so if any info on this topic would be most welcomed.

    I only use the newest drivers for a7v incl. bios, gigastudio and logic audio. I have a dakota soundcard (driver 2.08).

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Gigastudio + Logic Audio + Latency?

    Hi Chadwick.

    Err, the reason I didn\'t say anything, because the solution was so simple that I\'ve should\'ve tried that out before I vented my frustrations on the internet. (Shame on me! :-)
    It was the vcache. To my defense I have to say, that a lot of people here have been raving about how great using a high vcache amount works, that I didn\'t believe that could be the problem.

    I used 48000, which produces a significant amount of latency, especially when triggering the midi signal via a sequenser like logic auduo.

    Haven\'t the other people here found out, that a high vcache does this to your Gigastudio setup?

    What\'s really the point of using vcache anyway?
    Less clicks and pops in audio, when using many audio tracks at once?
    Is it really necessary with the fast harddrives and cpu\'s we have today?

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