A couple of developments in Translator worthy of note:

The Giga Edition is now selling for $59.95 - that\'s $20 off the current price.

So we cut the cost, but added features. We now support the following additional formats:

SampleCell from Mac disks, and PC of course
Kurzweil (earlier release, but made better)
Reality (native format .bnk or .Seer)
Emu Emax
Roland S-50

This is in addition to the regularly scheduled translations:

Roland 700 series
Emu E3/Esi
Ben and Jerry\'s Ice Cream (temperature settings adjustable)

Other things useful for Giga owners:

**Access the Giga Editor directly from the interface
**Wizards to make it really easy to translate anything
**Intelligent mapping: you thought the Giga Editor Wizard was cool. Translator can take a bunch of .wav files, determine their pitch and place them on the appropriate keys of the keyboard!
**Open up .gig files with the Translator interface and edit parameters and waves directly! This is similar to the Giga Editor, but more convenient.

And we\'re LOWERING the price? We\'re crazy...

Garth Hjelte
Chicken Systems Customer Support
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