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Topic: Kompakt

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    As Kompakt\'s release nears, I am considering it for the value of the included samples alone. At least they look great on paper.

    I have a hardware upgrade question or two re Kompakt vs Gigastudio. From reading the highly informative posts in these parts, my understanding is that what Kompakt needs beyond typical Gigastudio requirements is a faster processor, say something above 2 GHz, with other requirements being about the same. Is this essentially correct? Recommendations?

    Also, what are the sound card requirements? GS sound cards of course need their own specific GSIF drivers, which I understand that Kompakt does not. But, aside from generally high quality converters at 24/96, are there ANY specific sound card requirements for Kompakt/Kontakt? Latency differences among various cards? Recommendations?

    And from a completely different perspective, the thing that\'s attracting me to Kompakt is the included sample set as detailed on the Native Instruments website. It appears to be a terrific collection. Since these are apparently not new samples, just a new collection of existing samples (I could be wrong, at least partially?), I am a little surprised not to have seen any comment whatever either here or on the NI forum regarding these samples. I have read that there was considerable disappointment with the included Kontakt samples, but the Kompakt samples appear to be way beyond what might be expected for an included \"freebie.\" Any comments by those who have used these samples?

    Thanks in advance,

    Uncle Bob, A GS96 user, abuser, and confuser

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    Re: Kompakt

    I think the reason that noone here is talking about kompakt is that most of us already own Kontakt which from what I understand is using the same engine, but Kompakt being more of a little brother to Kontakt, less programmable etc.


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    Re: Kompakt

    As far as i know u can use kontakt/kompakt in/ with anything(I`d check the NI KOntakt forum, theres more on this)Its not as fussy as GS.yea, like many others i found the samples that came with Kontakt usable but a bit disappionting.I`m pretty sure ones with KOmpakt are gonna be killer.I think Martin took alot of care to include a good range of workable stuff from all the Sample dev./ involved.The SI recordings are amazing i must say.I have Kontakt But im sure i`ll get he kompakt bundle just for the variety of samples alone! Just my 2cents, Rich

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    Re: Kompakt

    As far as i know u can use kontakt/kompakt in/ with anything
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Then I think I\'ll leave the hardware alone until I\'ve driven it around the block a couple of times. Thanks for the comments.\\

    Uncle Bob

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    Re: Kompakt

    ya i think just as long as uve got ASIO drivers on your SC and your prosessers above 1 ghz and uve got at leat 512 of ram you`ll be O.K..Rich

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    Re: Kompakt

    Just checked out the list of included samples.
    Now, that\'s an impressive list for only 2 gigs.
    Wish NI had included those with Kontakt instead of the lame library we got [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Kompakt

    I know.But have u checked out the Absynth 2 update.Some of the New presets that show u what u can do with this thing are unbelievable!!Very impressive...Rich [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Kompakt

    To those of you wondering about Kompakt, I was recently sent a review copy of it and can tell you that it is uniformly a wonderful application, especially for the price. I\'m running it on an Athlon XP 2500+ and it\'s rock solid.

    The samples accompanying it are outstanding. There\'s enough in this package to keep you happy for quite awhile without having to buy another disk.

    I found that it CAN be a bit of a resource hog in SONAR, but when I tried switching soundcards, that lessened quite a bit. I popped in my old, funky Audigy (with the new drivers from Creative) and am getting about 7ms latency in Kompakt. Not bad for soundblaster.

    Kampakt allows you to do a surprising amount of tweaking -- although obviously not on the level of Kontakt. I do, however, like its basic interface better.

    All in all, if your interested in a good, solid sample player, you can\'t really go wrong with Kompakt.

    And, no, I\'m not employed by NI...


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    Re: Kompakt

    I adore Kompakt. As I do not have an extensive selection of libraries yet, I got this to fill my sample holes. My expectations have been surpased. I absolutely adore the Quantum Leap and Sonic Implants samples included. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    PS. Nick/NI how about including a 1-2 GB selection from QLSO? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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