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Topic: Controlling layers with mod wheel

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    Controlling layers with mod wheel

    After importing my Denny Jaeger strings from
    Roland format with Translator the attack layer which is controlled by the mod wheel on Roland is no longer attached to the sustain layer.Can someone tell me how to recombine the attack layer with the sustain layer with the mod wheel controlling the voume of the attack layer. Thanks in advance.

    Steve Fawcett

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    Re: Controlling layers with mod wheel

    Assuming you have Gigastudio, if they are already saved as separate instruments, load one into GSeditor and then (while looking at the first instrument in GSedit)go to file and choose MERGE FILE and load the second instrument. They should then both appear in the same instrument bank.

    Now control click to select both instrument names, right click and choose to COMBINE the two instruments.

    At this point you are given a few parameters to set including which is the first and secon layer, what controller is used in the combination etc., One of the \'controller\' choices is Layer (go figure)

    Once you do this you have a third instrument on the bank which has two layers.

    Select all the attack layer regions and assign the mod wheel in the Mix/Layer tab to Attn control.

    I hope this does what you need.

    You should also talk to Garth at Chicken Systems. I would have thought he had that totally sus\'d.

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