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Topic: XSample Harp Problems

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    XSample Harp Problems

    I\'ve had the XSample Harp for about a year now, and I have to agree with several other members of the forum that it is one of the nicest sounds I own.

    But, unless I\'m missing something, the Akai disc is one of the worst examples of bad programming I\'ve ever come across. All I\'ve ever really done is use the single dynamic, stereo programs, which are fine, but this weekend I decided to explore some of the other programs. To my horror, when I tried loading the stereo Flageolet (harmonics) program, I got a message that 25 samples couldn\'t be found. So I quickly tried lots of other programmes. I discovered what was worng when loading the single dynamic, mono programs, because all of them couldn\'t find 78 samples out of 156. I realised that to create the mono program, the creators had simply ripped the right-hand samples out of the stereo program then exported the volume without saving the changes, so that the program still thinks it contains 156 samples, whilst the folder only contains 78.

    But that still leaves me unsure about the Flageolet, because that is a stereo program, but the samples for the top two octaves are missing. Added to which the uppermost sample (C#4) is missing its right-hand sample. It\'s almost as if the programmer got interrupted half way through importing the C#4 sample, and then forgot to finish off the top two octaves.

    Is there anyone else with the Akai version of this disc who can help? Do I have missing samples, or is it just a bad program, or have I got a faulty disc?


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    Re: XSample Harp Problems

    the harmonics of the last to oktaves are missing because its impossible to play such high harmonics. With other words, its all ok.
    Just ignore the message that 25 samples are not find.
    Sorry for this small bug.
    Hope that helps,

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    Re: XSample Harp Problems

    Thanks very much! And the harp really does sound fantastic!

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