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Topic: No ASPI for window 32 support detected??

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    No ASPI for window 32 support detected??

    Hi, long time listener (1-2 weeks anyway), first time caller. Okay, so this week I got a loan, ordered the GigaStudio Bundle 3 with AO and QLB, an Aardvark LX6, and an IBM Deskstar 45GB Hardrive. The LX6 and GigaStudio Bundle came today. Hooked LX6 up--smooth. Next GS. Setup.exe--smooth. Restart the computer and start GigaStudio. Fine. Asks me for disk two. I insert it and press the \"next\" button. This is where the \"No ASPI for WIN32 support detected\" window with the header \"Error S-Convertor\" comes up. Click okay, click
    okay, and try it again. Same thing. I try clicking finish. Get another message \"Can\'t access this COM port for MIDI. Make sure this COM port is not in use by another program or device\" with header of \"Roland Serial MIDI Driver.\" Click \"OK\". Get a bunch of consecutive error windows with the first error (No ASPI, etc.) and then it crashes. I don\'t think the MIDI/COM port thing is part of the problem but I threw it in anyway, just in case. I\'ve searched Microsoft Help for info about ASPI, gone to their website to try and find a download or something, search the help from GS, scour and searched this site. I\'ve sent an email to Nemesys but I don\'t know if my childish self can wait that long. I\'m sure it is an obvious problem to someone or everyone here...I hope. What should I do? I want to hear the pretty, pretty sounds.


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    Re: No ASPI for window 32 support detected??


    I have the same problem - can´t figure it out. Did you solve it?
    Please post how you did it if you did :-)


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    Re: No ASPI for window 32 support detected??

    Unfortunately, I never did solve it. I do have it working however because I ended up reinstalling Windows on a new hard drive and adding one program at a time, etc. Basically, what it comes down to--from my Anti-Windows friends--is that Windows is a piece of crap and I think we\'re all familiar with that story. I wish I could give you some advice. I live in fear that the same problem will crop up again at any time and I really don\'t feel like installing Windows on a new hard drive. I\'m afraid to finish installing all my programs. Sorry, I\'ve no advice.


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    Re: No ASPI for window 32 support detected??

    I\'m not sure if this will help, but I had a problem with some CD software that also complained about ASPI stuff. I found a message (can\'t remember where) that said to update the ASPI drivers from Adaptec. So, I gave it a try and it fixed my problem. There are two files to get from Adaptec.

    The file ASPICHK.EXE will check the ASPI driver version installed on your computer. The current version is 4.60.

    The file ASPI32.EXE will update your ASPI drivers. From what I understand, you should only install this on Win98 computers - not Win2K or WinME or if you have Microsoft Media Player 7.

    I don\'t know if that will help you, but you never know.


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    Re: No ASPI for window 32 support detected??

    I got this message when I got a new hard drive. Don\'t know the cause but I reinstalled Giga and it went away.

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