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Topic: By Popular Demand: alternate to PayPal

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    Re: By Popular Demand: alternate to PayPal

    Thanks for the alternative suggestion, heheh. Just thought I\'d mention the end result of my struggles with Paypal...

    I\'m still unhappy that I was ever given a long distance customer service number, and made to hold as long as I was when I called it. I\'m generally unhappy with their email customer service, they never really answered any of my questions, just \"cut and paste\" responses directly out of their policy books.


    They finally admitted their mistake after speaking with a credit rep of theirs, and they are expediating the process of getting the money back to me AND repaying my overdraft charges incurred at my bank because of their error. I tried the 888 number listed in the previous thread by Raven, and it worked out in the end.

    So, I\'m still not thrilled with \'em, but at least one of the folks I finally spoke with up there was a nice guy and worked it out for me.

    Paypal\'s a good idea, just be very careful about crossing every \"t\" and dotting every \"i\" when you work with them, cuz if there is a problem, it\'ll take forever to get it straightened out. But maybe they\'re not the company of horrors that I thought they were after all.

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    By Popular Demand: alternate to PayPal

    Well, it was actually two people, not necessarily \"popular\" demand, but who knows how many just gave up and didn\'t send us an e-mail.

    Digital Complete (makers of DC Gigasamples Fender Strat and Exotic Percussion, and soon, more cool stuff) now has a regular credit card processing service, as well as PayPal options. So if anybody\'s been holding off because they don\'t like PayPal, go on over and check it out. Thanks!

    Basic link:

    Direct Gigasamples link:
    DC Gigasamples info, demos and downloads

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    Re: By Popular Demand: alternate to PayPal

    We\'re also offering the special deal we had back in March for the rollout of Exotic Percussion Vol. 1 at $38.45 for those who didn\'t want to use PayPal.

    Access this page for the special price:

    We\'ll only offer this price until the end of May.


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