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Topic: Please help with Clearmountain's DrumsII!!!!!!!

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    Please help with Clearmountain\'s DrumsII!!!!!!!

    Hey Everyone, I just got Clearmountain\'s DrumsII and am having the following problem: When I load the Snare gig file and go to the midi control surface view to preview the samples, only a small portion of the highlighted keys produce any sound (i.e. even though note # 23 is highlighted, when that note is triggered no sound is produced). Now if I go to the instrument editor I can confirm that all the samples are present and I can play then all in my audio editor when launched from giga instrument editor. So I am wondering what might be going on. Why isn\'t gigastudio playing the samples when midi events occur that in actuality should trigger the samples?


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    Re: Please help with Clearmountain\'s DrumsII!!!!!!!

    Hi Brian:

    Be sure to check the correct MIDI channel small window on top of the screen when you play THESE loaded sounds. If you do not see the small left green triangle highlighted -of the midi you are playing-, you may be seeing the keyboard of other (hightailed) midi channel loaded sound that has -obviously- a different set up, different number of samples, and different numbers of keygroups.
    I hope this can help if this is your problem. I have this drums library and have no problems.



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    Re: Please help with Clearmountain\'s DrumsII!!!!!!!


    When I test the snares, it is the only instrument loaded in gigastudio. Here is a screen shot showing the control surface with snares loaded.

    <a href = \"http://www.geocities.com/b_huether/images/giga.jpg\">Screenshot</a>

    As you can see, the control surface looks exactly as it should. However, only a small fraction of the appropriate keys produce sound. If I press these troubleome keys, giga indicates that it is processing it and playing a voice (as seen in the status window), however there is no audio output. I have confirmed that the actual samples that are supposed to be played exist, by going to the instrument editor and launching the samples in my audio editor. I can play them that way. This is a very weird non-trivial problem I am having.


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    Re: Please help with Clearmountain\'s DrumsII!!!!!!!

    You need to move your mod wheel (or equivelent controller) to hear these snares.

    Beats me why this is the case as I find it a pain.
    Drums II documentation is crap an it took me days to figure this out (but then I am rather dim)

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Please help with Clearmountain\'s DrumsII!!!!!!!

    Hey Guys,

    I have the snare samples all working, but I am wondering why the mod controller affects some samples but not others? I need to understand the use of the mod wheel so I can choose snare samples with some intuition of what is going on behind the scenes.


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