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Topic: Grandioso Piano

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    Grandioso Piano

    Does any one have any information on the Garndioso, I contacted Tascam, and they said it is not available till middle of next month. It was available, now they say it is being re issued. It is still available at Post Audio Media, is this the newer version? Perhaps Michelle will see this message and clear this up. I plan on purchasing this but do want the newer version. What problems were in the first release?
    Anyones help on this will be greatly appreciated. Why is there a re issue? *Thank You* Rick

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    Re: Grandioso Piano

    There is no re-issue or anything alike going on. We had a high-profile customer who found a minor bug in the 16-layer patch of the classic instrument. In the highest 12 notes, when playing very soft (below velocity value 25) the sound was seriously muffled due to a steep lowpass filter. The setting of it caused the original clear sound of the p-layer samples to become \"clunky\".
    We fixed that, together with some small voicing issues. Sometimes a note in a scale, when played at even velocity, sounded too loud or too agressive. We went over all the notes at all velocities and made an update that fixes this.
    The latest update file can now be downloaded from our website. The adress is:

    At the same time we made a new demo with this new settings. Listen to this recording of Chopin Berceuse. It is made with the 16 layer piano patch from the Classic instrument.


    The availablity of the library is growing. TASCAM has it in their order list for dealers since April 1th. Some dealers appear to be working with older order lists so they didn\'t see it as available product. I guess that explains your remark. They will be able to order the disk with no problem.
    There is no new cd-set or anything involved in the latest update; it\'s a free articulation.
    I would recommend everyone who buys the GRANDIOSO to immediately go to our website and load the latest update, as the version that comes straigh out-of-box has been improved 4 times at this time and we will continue to add new features.

    One of the new features will be alternate tunings for the main instruments. We are working on that.
    The other big update will be the addition of VIRTUOSO, a tool like MAESTRO TOOLS for GOS, written by the same software designer. It will be a free update for registred users that will allow the release layers to be added to the 16 layer piano within the same midi-chanel. Other tricks will be included such as the real-time compensated sustain pedal switching. And we keep our ears open to our users who come up with fixes or requests.
    For more info visit: www.postmusicalinstruments.com

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Grandioso Piano

    That Chopin MP3 is really impressive, Michiel. (Not to mention the pianist who performs it!) I\'m convinced that you\'ve created THE sample classical piano for the new millenium in Grandioso. It\'s next on my must-have sample list and I thank you for sending the demo CD as well. Best, John

    How much hard disk space does Grandioso use?

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    Re: Grandioso Piano

    Hi Michael
    Am I glad to hear that - I got my copy
    of the grandioso about a week ago and was
    concerned about that exact same muffled sound
    when playing very softly. Downloading right
    away [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Grandioso Piano

    Thank you!
    Drive space needed is 5 GB upon the first installation. The Classic piano and the Compressed Piano are 1.8 GB each and the Ambient piano is 1.2 GB. After the first installation you can erase instruments if you want.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Grandioso Piano

    Hi Sapkiller,
    Just mention your concerns and we\'ll try to find the right answers. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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