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Topic: The Spirits Within

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    The Spirits Within

    I took some time to listen to this score.... AGAIN

    today. I haven\'t listened to much lately with all the editing and \"sound font\" music I\'ve been writing... (except for Audioslave, someone here mentioned it was like heroine...I tend to agree, especially when I scream along)


    Man I dig this score. Its one of those scores that always reminds me that samples just wont cut it, no matter what you have.

    Mind you I think a combination of VSL and QLSO will get REALLY close in some aspects, but the sheer amount of dissonance and player nuances... I just dont think it will ever happen (thats prolly a good thing, if we as composers can remember that) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I even dig the vocal piece, since I dig the \"love theme\" melody, and the way it \"soars\" with Lara Fabian\'s voice.

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    Re: The Spirits Within

    I have been a fan of Elliot Goldenthal\'s music since hearing Interview with a Vampire. It was an original piece that perfectly underscored and illuminated upon the drama and emotions of the film.

    Listen to his Ballet Othello (I understand it was the first 3 act American ballet) or Titus. I am very glad he won the Academy Awards – it was well deserved. He is a brilliant composer.

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    Re: The Spirits Within


    wrong forum... someone want to move this to OT for me?

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