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Topic: Moore polyphony and smaller libraries!?!

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    Moore polyphony and smaller libraries!?!

    Hello everyone.. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
    It seems to mee that most new libraries for giga have a lagre emphasis on loooong samples. For eksample is each key on the piano sampled for its full length in piano libraries. I\'m not sure I see the point having two minute long piano samples! Wouldn\'t it be much better to loop the samples after.. maybe 10 seconds or so and instead use more velocties and release samples and such? The programming would take longer time, but perhaps the result would be better? I beleive that it is possible to create a killer piano sound in 100mb, or what? If libraries were made this way, wouldn\'t it be possible to load many moore samples?

    Any thoughts??

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    Re: Moore polyphony and smaller libraries!?!

    Hi Plundrik
    Giga does\'nt really care how long samples are,
    it\'s streaming them from the harddisk, so the actual lenght of samples does\'nt affect the number of samples or voices that can be loaded or played at once.


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