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Topic: OT-Any one know whats up with DP 3.1?

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    OT-Any one know whats up with DP 3.1?

    A question to the giga forum crew out there using MOTU Digital Performer...has anyone heard anything about the release of v3.1? I thought it was supposed to be released 2 months ago? I am pretty amped up about this new release, as it is supposed to have new features simular to SF\'s ACID, which I use all the time on another machine, now I can have that functionality in DP (in theory)...Maybe they are going OSX??

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    Re: OT-Any one know whats up with DP 3.1?

    No OS X but the release is slated for June (I\'ll believe it when I see it).

    If you go to MOTU\'s site they have a breakdown of all of the new features.

    Oddly enough I\'m not terribly excited about 3.1, maybe it\'s because of the way I work?

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