Sorry to post what is so blatently a hardware question here in the Library forum, but it would likely get no attention anywhere else.

I wanted to know if anyone has actually seen any measureable advantage in having an 8MB hardware buffer on a sample drive vs the more standard 2MB buffer. Logically, I assume for the out-of-order reads that happen with GSt samples there is no way the drive could do any significant amount of read-ahead buffering, therefore the buffer size would provide very little value in this read mostly application.

Clearly the buffer would provide an advantage for a write operation or a write/read-back operation, but I think that does not generally apply here.

Does anyone have a differing opinion? I\'d be very interested as one local computer store is blowing out 80GB/7200/2MB drives for $100+, so I thought I\'d pick one up.

Thanks in advance,