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Topic: piano mastering service

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    piano mastering service

    These guys have a service where they do a professional recording using Yamaha disclavier data sent them.
    I wonder how the sound would compare to simply using one of the newer giga pianos instead mastering in a studio. Perhaps there is money to be had by someone on this list.. Heh Heh.


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    Re: piano mastering service

    I\'m about to order the bardstown piano for some studio stuff... i also have a 7\'6 yamaha disklavier grand... i use earthworks qtc\'s with
    earthworks preamps to record to sawstudio... I\'m in australia right now but when i get back to thes states i\'ll do some samples of midi playback on both.. i would think that the differences would show up in the context and recording style.. if i were to close mike with cardioid the differences may not be so apparent but with a more distant approach with the earthworks omni\'s the difference should be obvious due to all of the
    sonic interactions going on inside the cabinet..
    give me a couple of weeks and i will put something up... preference?? jazz , classical, newage ? if i have time i will also set up
    studio projects c1\'s(cardioid) for a close miking

    ed croxford

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    Re: piano mastering service

    Hi Ed,

    I think you will love the Bardstown Audio piano. I picked it up about a month ago and it sounds amazing. I think anyone serious about sampled piano should have it.

    The Diskclaviers are very nice pianos. I have a friend here in NY that has two and records regularly with them. He has occasionally had some tracking problems on up-tempo pieces but that could be his particular set-up. Even with the small problems he loves the diskclaviers.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: piano mastering service

    I\'m sure i\'ll love it.. I\'ve done alot of listening and to my ears this is best for my purposes..
    I love my Disklavier.. Yamaha took the right approach and didn\'t sacrifice the piano for the
    electronics... Mine is a C7 grand(7\'6\").. the electronics are secondary although integrated well. My first disklavier was an upright model..
    THe tracking was occasionaly off... its hard to
    get the electromechanical interface to react like
    the original playing.. THe newest model the DC7A of the grand is what i have.. THe midi implementation is much better and tracks much truer although it could never be perfect.. I find it a great teaching tool... Students love to watch the keys move when playing back there performances.. Its also great for fine tuning recording techniques.. However i don\'t think i could make myself use the midi for a true recording of myself... i think i might be tempted to correct playing faults<g>.. And i\'d probably never finish the piece<GG>...
    Now its time to decide which string package to buy... Plenty of great postss here.. I\'m leaning towards the GOS package... It sound sweet to my ears.. albeit the MP3 files are far from sonically pretty..


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    Re: piano mastering service

    I\'d like to hear the Bardstown piano in a contemporary jazz setting (my personal alltime preference for general jazz piano is the Joe Sample sound.) Compared to a Disclavier would be a great test, I have a Yamaha grand in my studio, but most of my clients prefer the GS piano for non-classical work. some of that may be my mike techniques, but mostly because of the editing capablilty.


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