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Topic: Finished Demo...

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    Finished Demo...

    Here\'s the finished version of my Suspense demo. The link is: ( http://home.talkcity.com/MiracleMile/asapp/suspense.mp3 ) If it doesn\'t work, try copy and pasting the link in the address bar. Critiques/suggestions more than welcome.

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    Re: Finished Demo...

    Nice !!!
    Maybe you should work a bit more on the verbs, solo strings (and generally strings) sounds too close. Nice time handling.
    The first choir (I assume it\'s VotA) sounds a bit wrong, attacks are strange, and it makes the whole thing go back to synth world too much for several seconds.
    Percussions are great ! Is it LOP?
    You are damn talented [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Post more !


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    Re: Finished Demo...

    Yeap, all the percussion was LOP. I love the bass drums in the library. If you hit it soft enough, it really can create some deep deep bass. The whole library is astounding. Thanks for the feedback. I meant to make the string solos up close. About the choir, I\'m not sure what\'s wrong with it. Perhaps too loud? Dunno, I\'m finished with that piece. Sometimes, my music will take just a few hours. This took nearly 14 to make with all it\'s nuances. Near the end of the peice, there is a trumpet solo that splits to a duet: I recorded that myself with my bucket mute. It doesn\'t sound half bad! It was fun.

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    Re: Finished Demo...

    Cool piece Aaron, I like the James Horner influence (whether he influenced you or not doesn\'t really matter) in the end, with the fast strings passages. Keep on composing, buddy!


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    Re: Finished Demo...

    Thanks Thomas. No, I actually wasn\'t at all influenced by Horner. About a year ago, I created a ton of minimalist music. It came in handy at that little section there.

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    Re: Finished Demo...

    Hey, does anyone know of any trumpets with really glassy sounding trumpets?

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    Re: Finished Demo...

    Hi! Cool stuff! I really liked the dark brass you\'ve got going there! Which brass library is that?

    Keep on the good work!

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    Re: Finished Demo...

    Sorry, bad english!
    I meant:

    Keep UP the good work!

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    Re: Finished Demo...

    QLB, SAM, and my own trumpet recordings.

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