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Topic: Giga-Users provide their own support?

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    Giga-Users provide their own support?

    Hey Everyone,

    Just an observation, but here lately, it seems like the users of GigaStudio have been providing their own support for this software product. It\'s been MONTHS since I\'ve seen any feedback/support from the Nemesys Team on this forum.

    It seems that every day I see a new post about a legitimate bug that someone has found in GigaStudio, yet I never hear any comforting feedback from Nemesys that their doing anything. I can\'t count the number of post on this forum about unanswered bug-reports that users have submitted to Nemesys. What\'s up with that?

    Sure, they\'re probably rolling in all the $$$ that we paid them for this buggy software, but I think it\'s really lame when users have to provide their own support for a company\'s product.

    Anyone else feel the same??

    Hey, if anyone happens to run into them at NAMM, tell them to wake up and support their buggy product!

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    Re: Giga-Users provide their own support?

    Things can get rough on the bleeding edge of hi-tech,..... even in Texas.......It seems to me that when they have a solution to a problem they are very prompt and helpful...but when they don\'t.....they are a little hard to find...

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