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Topic: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

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    Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    SO I needed a break from the 500k stuff and editing stuff for other people and wanted to try out a new reverb chain I\'ve been tweaking. Hows this sound?


    It may be a bit *too* far back. but tahts easy enough for me to fix.

    HAHA french whores ensemble....great.....


    BTw this was all realtime. Just played in. The reverb Chain is in my VS-1680

    No EQ

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    Hahah... French whoa...

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    Wow. Those French whorns are really back there. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] French horns are funny things. You think you got some great verb and horn sounds, then put it into something and much to your frustration, it sounds like crap. Doh! Really, they have to be heard in ensemble to tell for sure. Another example. I have this great sounding Bigga Gigga F-Horns, but every time I put it into something: blech! I go running back to QLB (and a bit of verb), which are very MUSICAL and FIT. Strange. Nicks demos are my reference point for what I want my f-horns to sound like.

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    OK King, thats cool as h e l l. What did you do? You know I\'ve been wanting to do this to my brass in my action demo [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Nice job!

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    Ok King, what patches are they? They must be several combined, any eq invoved? I don\'t know about the reverb so much, they have that distant feel but they don\'t have that close feel as well if you know what I mean.

    Very nice playability though, you\'re able to just play it like that with the keyboard straight? It sounds like there\'s some pitch slides in there somehow or other as some of the changes are very smooth.

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    Yah I agree with you guys, way too farback. But it was mostly because many peoplesay Dan Dean\'s solo brass is too close [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I wanted to put it WAY back there

    The patch is jsut Dan Dean Solo Brass NV single horn and QLB. No EQ. and two reverbs in the 1680. Its easy enough for me to move it back up to the front.

    I think it sounds really good, and gives me alot of faith in Dan Dean\'s upcoming Brass Ensembles. I know they aren\'t as \"dry\" as the solo brass, If they have the power thats in this solo horn they should be freakin awesome.

    I\'m really happy with this reverb chain. Like I said I know I over did it, but I think it was sort of \"purposefull\" to show you guys the extreme settings. Might be good for percussion?

    As for playability. Well. Its all played realtime. No Filters, and no crossfading. I need to add that it to make it more playable. No Pitch bends. Its the reverb and natural differences between the two libraries that give it a little pitchiness. I set a little of a slower attack to he QLB and I think that gives it a slight \"movement\"/

    Well...I like it. I really dig this chain for brass.

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    Would it be too much trouble to redo your demo with just the Giga reverb and maybe Cakewalk Soundstage if you have it? I must admit I\'m not horny about your horns! Odd man out - but it would be good to hear some different reverbs.

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    Well they\'re perhaps a little \'metallic\' but are powerful and what I like most about them is their apparent playability. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I assume its the QLB French horn sustains? I think for a cleaner sound you would have been better off with AO or Miroslav as QLB must be causing the slightly strange unrealism to the sound, but then it may not have the same playability.

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    Craig I\'ve done demos before with SStage, and I hate the NFX verb It will create a nasty ring in the decay.

    The sound stage stuff is ok, but it never sounded as right to my ears with the hoens I have as this does. Obviously it is too far back, but its easy enough to fix. In fact with bones I\'ve been placing it a bit closer, but I just kept moving the horns back to see how far I could go [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I actually like the metalic sound. Its really a FFF sample so it works for me. The only problem I have with it is that there is only one horn making that sound. I didn\'t use the mock ensemble in Dan Dean to do this, it adds too much in the low mids when you layer. I may make a seperate patch with some specific EQ to them and layer them. Should be good.

    The main thing I dig is that I didn\'t EQ at all, and it does have a bit of a \"section\" sound as well as some resonance in the room. Something I kept thinking I needed to EQ to get. Not to mention I get this in real time, no plug in processesing during mix down.

    Anyhow, for more horns I\'ve tweaked on in the past.

    check out


    I believe the Back to the Future stuff is jsut Dan Dean Solo brass...cant remember tho



    Look at the HPhorn mp3

    Its a custom horn patch I made and use frequently. Its a combination of AO, QLB, a second custom processed QLB patch and a light amount of Dan Dean. Single layer Forte sample per note. Using filters to add playability. Awesome for most music. and still takes well to reverb/placement

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    Re: Hows this French hors ensemble sound?

    You say it was only one horn King but I thought it had the QLB ensemble sustains in with it?

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