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Topic: LOP Question for Donnie

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    LOP Question for Donnie

    Donnie, just got your LOP library and so far it just sounds incredible.

    But I have a question - I got the package from Big Fish Audio today, 4 CDs but no manual or printed material of any kind. Does this ship with anything printed? Just curious...

    Thanks for the great sounds!!

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    Re: LOP Question for Donnie


    Glad to hear you like the sounds!

    Yeah, I have to apologize for the hard maunual thing. We were waiting until the S1000 version was done before we printed the full manual. However, everyone who has ordered the library will be sent the manual when it\'s printed...shouldn\'t be too much longer on that.

    You should check out the interactive Flash help file on disc 1 though. Sean did it and it is absolutely amazing. It will tell you anything you ever wanted to know about this library.


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