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Topic: A Couple Short Demos

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    A Couple Short Demos

    Hello All,

    I just thought I\'d post some snippets of some stuff I was playing around with. All sound clips are quite short and compressed to facilitate downloading, but they\'re still pretty cool. I never ended up using any of this for a real project, just playing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    This clip is of samples being used around a piano soloist to give a \"concerto\" feel. (Yes...I did get permission from the pianist to post this excerpt of his recording.)

    This was based on Chopin\'s Prelude in C Minor. The opening few measures are my fav. It shows Spectrasonics\' Atmosphere being used for the Strings.

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    Re: A Couple Short Demos

    Although these are highly compressed, I did like the take on Chopin. And that Exodus piece sounded really nice, I wish there were more! Thanks for sharing.

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