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Topic: Atmosphere Question?

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    Atmosphere Question?

    I like to treat violin sections separately from contrabass. Does that mean I would need two Atmosphere instances (i.e. one of each of one of its string patches)? If that is the case, then Atmosphere would need to load each instrument twice! I really wish the Atmosphere GUI was more powerful. Something like Culture would be ideal. I hope Atmosphere is headed in that direction, in terms of a powerful GUI.


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    Re: Atmosphere Question?

    There\'s quite a few different variations on the string sounds, so you\'d be better off using a different patch for your Basses. That way you wouldn\'t be wasting identical memory. I certainly understand the point though.

    Keep in mind that the sounds are much smaller and more efficient in size compared to the average Giga library. Also, two instances take up no more CPU power that one instance does.

    More powerful is also a relative term. In many ways, Atmosphere\'s interface is more powerful than Culture, but Culture is useful in that it accomplishes what you desire by being multitimbral and offering splitting, etc. Lots of great stuff in store for the future of Atmosphere.

    Hope that\'s useful info.



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    Re: Atmosphere Question?

    Originally posted by spectrum:
    Lots of great stuff in store for the future of Atmosphere.

    Hope that\'s useful info.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Tempo syncing? Perhaps the intuitive kind that sorta just does it in the background?

    That\'d elicit a strong YAY! if ya know what I mean. Just bought Xphrase, and I don\'t think I would have wanted to if Atmosphere could do this. I\'m sure I\'ll find lots of good stuff in Xphrase too, but truly, that is the one and only reason I got it.

    Atmosphere continues to make me happy. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Atmosphere Question?

    Atmosphere is remarkably efficient in terms of CPU and memory. I have an instance assigned in my template just for click-track and dont notice any performance hit.

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