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Topic: Front Porch Banjo now available!

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    Front Porch Banjo now available!

    Front Porch Banjo for GigaStudio is now available for download. Thanks to this forum for providing some excellent beta testers. And thank you to the beta testers themselves! I\'m proud to release this collection and feel it will be an asset to those looking for an affordable, authentic banjo instrument for GigaStudio.

    Here is a demo of the final product, straight from GigaStudio with no processing: Banjo Boy Chimes (arr. Sonny Osborne). Hear more demos and find out more information at the Front Porch Banjo website, and watch for more user demos in the near future.

    Special thanks to Bruce Richardson who gave some excellent advice and provided encouragement for me to put out a high quality banjo collection.

    The collection is available via download only at this point (a 51 MB compressed download). But I may look into ways of getting a CD version in the future, if the demand for a CD version is there.

    Matt Sayre
    Front Porch Banjo
    Matt Sayre Audio

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    Re: Front Porch Banjo now available!

    Nice demo, Matt - I keep expecting Cal Worthington to chime in any second! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Front Porch Banjo now available!

    That\'s one hell of a nice banjo! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Great effort and a sensible price too. How can I resist....!

    I love your MSA website too....a musician with a sense of humour....a magical combination. I\'m pleased that you took Dame Margot\'s words to heart! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I love the variety of your MSA Demos from Nerd Punk (great cartoon), the romantic Ivy Furnish, to the excellent \'Old Chuck\'s Fool Feet\' (this belies your age...I have to say!) and finally \'Western\' using the SbLive and soundfonts......always surprisingly good in the right hands. The believeable realism of your renditions, regardless of the styles, is impressive.

    You\'re not up a narrow \'stereotypical Hollywood film score only\' alley like some.....you really are an all rounder.....I somehow think we\'ll be hearing more of you!!


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    Re: Front Porch Banjo now available!

    I\'m s sucker for a good banjo...just ordered. I like samples like this: inexpensive, great quality, simple and straightforward to use

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    Re: Front Porch Banjo now available!

    That is the best banjo available. I play, I know


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    Re: Front Porch Banjo now available!

    Does this person pay to advertise?

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    Re: Front Porch Banjo now available!

    Donnie\'s back!

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