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Topic: Anyone ever tried the Waves TransX?

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    Anyone ever tried the Waves TransX?

    Anyone here who has tried the Waves TransX from the new Transform bundle, for taming transients and moving instruments farther away on the virtual stage?

    Waves claim you can use this plugin to control the directness/closeness of sounds by enhancing or reducing the transients.

    A while ago I experimented with the demo version, which has now expired, but I never got to a point where the instrument(s) sounded farther away.

    Still wondering if this can do any magic for orchestral samples, or if it is mainly meant for pop/rock music.

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    Re: Anyone ever tried the Waves TransX?

    I don\'t have it, but Bruce Richardson does. He has very good things to say about it, and if he reads this thread, he might explain himself.

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