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Topic: Giga 3 preorder

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    Giga 3 preorder

    If Giga 3 is really coming out in April, don\'t you think you should be able to preorder it?

    I think this looks bad for us customers


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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    Not sure if I understand your remark?
    Why not just wait? Would pre-ordering make it arrive faster?
    Or do you mean that this is a bad sign, that there is no pre-ordering option yet?

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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    I really don\'t think beta testing has even started.........at least that is the impression i got from the last I talked to the GS team. I *may* be wrong, so I don\'t want to get flamed on this. If that is the case, then I cannot see it out in april. I would bet the beginning of June if beta started during April. That\'s my 2 cents though. [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    well yeah, i think it\'s a bad sign. They said out in April and i guess i thought that meant out in April.

    I\'v got my new pc built and all ready to go. i would really appreciate any kind of info from tascam as to the release date. I know nobody at Tascam cares what i want or need but still it would be nice to know.

    It may be October before we really see it. And thats if they can actually code the thing and get it to work. Motu has been promising their streaming update since last summer and i just don\'t think they know how to do it. I think alot of these companies put out marketing brochures long ( and i mean long) before they even have any idea how to code the software. They throw out these fancy ads and see how the public reacts and then figure out how to do it. In Tascam\'s / Nemysis\'s case i think they have wanted to have a new Gigastudio for a long time but just couldn\'t figure out how to do it.

    Motu is just totally lost...all major sample players stream their samples.

    I know Tascam showed off giga 3 at Namm but that was a very controlled environment where they could just show the parts they have working. I hope i\'m wrong but there is absolutly no buzz about Giga 3, anywhere.


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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    \"It may be October before we really see it.\"

    No. Much sooner.

    There is already testing going on and they are using a really nice bug tracker/reporting system and the testing program seems to be well supervised. (Something they never got to utilized back in the old days at NemeSys)

    I think they will be pretty close to what they announced at Namm schedule wise, give or take a little.

    There is a lot of stuff in this program. Its almost as complex as a sequencer if you delve into it deep enough.


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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    From the GS info pages (and I quote):

    \"GigaStudio 3 will be shipping in May, 2004. \"

    I\'ll see you fellas in a month when that\'s bumped up to June.

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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    I have a pessimistic feeling that the other long awaited tool, Giga Wrapper, will also not see light of day until May (at least).

    1. FX-MAX is obviously close to the Tascam team to be able to be working on the Giga3 aspects.

    2. If FX-MAX is a close and trusted partner, I think this indicates that in the bigger marketing picture, Giga-Wrapper is also seen by Tascam as a significant and important 3rd party utility.

    3. If Giga3 is going to be late, then Max will be unable to complete his work ... theoretically.

    4. Although MAX gave an 99% ETA of within this month a few weeks ago, he has been ill ... he will no longer give dates ... there is all but zero communication on his forum ... and Giga will be late.

    .... hence I think their delivery dates are linked.

    Sorry for the downer.


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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    All of the \"downer\" speculation is happily unfounded. Take comfort.

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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    Hi Andy,

    As far as I know, the Giga Wrapper plugin is not dependant on giga 3 release dates, as you suggest.

    Both giga 2 and giga 3 use the same gsif driver output. The FX-Max giga wrapper simply installs a virtual gsif soundcard on your system, which is selectable as an output from giga (whichever version). As a tester I know first-hand that Max is very close to releasing the wrapper.

    So, you may well see the wrapper SOON and be happily using with giga 2 (and then continue using it happily when you update to giga 3) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Anyway, Bruce and David seem to suggest that giga 3 is also very close to release, so don\'t dispair.

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    Re: Giga 3 preorder

    Leon, Bruce,

    Thanks for your comforting words !!

    Leon, have tried GigaWrapper in conjunction with Ultra-Freeze ?

    If so, how long does it to take to ultra-freeze ? Is GigaStudio \"shut-down\" or just \"unloaded\" from memory. I\'m curious about how long it takes. Giga is not the fastest of programmes to start, and I was wondering if GigaWrapper gets round this.


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