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Topic: Choir???

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    Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering what you guys recommend for a choir library. I\'m looking for something dark and diverse, yet also light and uplifting. Most importantly, samples that are powerful and emotional--I know, this is asking for a lot.

    Anyway, if any of you have heard anything even remotely like this please let me know and please try and include the ball park price--but only if you can.

    Thanks so much,

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    Re: Choir???

    Listen to Symphony Of Voices (Spectrasonics) and Voices Of The Apocalypse (Quantum Leap).

    Both are top notch.

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    Re: Choir???

    VOTA is the best way to go in my opinion. I wanted both, but I found that after the version 2 update of vota, I didn\'t really need a, \"mellow,\" choir library such as SOV.

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    Re: Choir???

    Oh gosh, where can a choir be found?? Hey, lets ask that Nick Phonix guy! He knows a lot of stuff! Yeah, thats the ticket!

    Pretty funny.... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Choir???

    Nick made VOTA. Go to www.soundsonline.com and look for it. (voices of the apocolypse)

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    Re: Choir???

    [QB] Nick made VOTA. [QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">[cue sound of jet screeching overhead] Hehe...

    VOTA and SOV are very different libraries. VOTA is \"a\" choir (split m/f gigs), sampled deeply, with consonant-building tools, and vowel-switches/x-fades. I\'m using them on a project right now, and have had fairly good luck building words. There are soloists in front...and this makes the \"words\" pretty darn convincing. You won\'t just fart them out--it takes some work, but it\'s certainly worth it.

    SOV is actually several choirs (a large \"London\" chorus, boys choir, gregorian mens choir), and lots of solo voices and phrases. No vowel construction kits, but several \"moving vowel\" combinations and liturgical words.

    I don\'t think I\'d classify them in terms of mellow or aggressive, both are equally mellow and aggressive. The main difference is the approach to performance and programming. VOTA is limited \"width\" but very deep. SOV is moderate \"depth\" but very wide. They are complimentary in nature.

    Another great vocal library is the \"part two\" of SOV, Vocal Planet. That one has the very aggressive gospel choir, every conceivable percussive vocal sound and effect (think Bobby McFerrin in a box, only with several different people recorded), and many \"ethnic\" phrases of different cultures.

    These are the three libraries I have had experience using. They are all quite good, and all in use everywhere. The choice depends primarily on your musical needs.

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    Re: Choir???

    Wasn\'t Yellow Tools working on a Pure Choirs set? I haven\'t heard anything about it in awhile.


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    Re: Choir???

    I was hoping someone could really hit the nail on the head. But, I don\'t think that is the case. Forget the whole word building thing for a moment. If you want to get a sound like you hear in Star wars episode 1, lord of the Rings, Enemy at the Gates, E.S. Postumous, Carmina Burana (loud part only), Beethoven\'s 9th etc. etc. then VotA is the ticket. You can\'t do that sort of thing with SoV. Anyone who tells you can is just wrong. Ask them to hear a demo. VotA is a crossfaded, very expressive library, and is the only choir library that covers big, heavy vibrato and has release trails. All the vowels are covered. The classical choir in Sov is a wonderful mellow choir with only some of the vowels covered and limited expression. Also no release trails. If you are looking for balls, you will love VotA. If you write delicate stuff, or you want to use the choir as more of a big pad, you should buy SoV. As far as word building goes, things will be easier using VotA when the utility is done. But, don\'t expect it to sound real when soloed. It will sound completely real, though, mixed with an orchestra. Vota can sound amazing in a big mix. SoV sounds great with less going on, and disappears in the mix, when there is alot going on. VotA has more little flaws than SoV. There is no autotuning in VotA. SoV has lots of other cool choirs and fx.

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    Re: Choir???

    Well, I listened to both demos and both are quite good. For me the first choice would be VOTA because it\'s already Giga compatible. According to the ilio site there\'s not a Giga version of SOV, which means you\'d have to set it up....MAN I hate setting up libraries after I buy them. That\'s my opinion.

    Nick, how long did it take you to pull off that demo? Some pretty cool stuff. I\'ll buy a set eventually.... I could buy thousands and thousands of libraries if I had the money, so now your\'s is back on the list...and towards the top at that [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    BTW, I have your Gtrs and Bass collection and love the fretless, but it\'s out of tune... is that a problem with the samples or the conversion using chicken sys? It\'s wierd cause it changes tuning half way through the sample. Sometimes I run it through Auto Tune to fix it, but usually have to find something else... I\'d love another crazy cool Bass collection!! And you\'re the man!!! Love your stuff (except the miss tuned fretless [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Choir???

    Oh yea, Nick, I wanted to ask you what Brass you used on that demo????? QLB?

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