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Topic: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    I have been using it with no problems for a few weeks.

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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    I\'ve also been using it for about a month and a half now and love it. So much easier than messing around with cables, and hundreds less expensive than buying a 4x4 or 8x8 box. Plus you get more midi channels.

    This may be unrelated, but there has been one problem that didn\'t exist before that just now crept up on me after using the replicator. The timing of the midi is dead on with other midi tracks, but if I load a .wav file onto a track on the controller computer, the wav is ahead of the midi. Its as though there is a short delay from the midi machine. Over a short period of time, serious phasing issues make it impossible to go on.

    Temporarily, I\'ve got another computer on the network dedicated to nothing but wav playback which is triggered via midi command (since this seems to sync up perfectly with the giga machine). Obviously this is unacceptable for long term use, but again, I don\'t know for sure that it is the fault of the midi replicator software or not. I\'ve been meaning to call the company to check on this, but this semester has just been ending and a summer term starting and I\'ve been too busy. I\'ll do that this monday and post reg their response. (I really hope its on my end, b/c the networkability capacity is just better in my mind than a $600 box on the sending machine and $300 additional boxes for every machine that recieves that info.

    If anyone else here has had a similiar prob, I\'d appreciate any insights, but I will update this thread when I find out for sure what is wrong. (I don\'t wanna knock a program if its not that company\'s fault.)

    I will say that if all you\'re doing is midi work prior to rendering and mixing it down, this is a great prog, and totally worth the 30 bucks or so.

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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    Hi all,
    Thanks for your updates. I only need a single port right now, so I\'m going to ghost my systems and try installing it from the demo.

    I\'ll post back my results.


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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    i bought it one month ago.
    It works very well
    It\'s really useful to transfer midi data between my sequencer PC and my GIGA didcated pc.

    Compared to my midex 8, i cannot feel a difference between latencies...

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    Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    This piece of software was pointed out some time ago. I am wondering if anyone is using it regularly now? If so, are you happy?

    If it\'s stable, then it would allow me to remove an older sound card from a PC I\'m adding a hard disk to today.


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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    I see that Midi Replicator is appreciated by those here who use it. And I might well go that way, too !
    What I\'d like to know though, is what is required (I\'m a network-know-nothing) :
    I suppose it means putting a PCI \"Lan\" card into each PC...
    So does it also mean very likely IRQs headaches, or does this kind of card very cool to Windows 98se, and not too demanding in its own PCI slot ?
    My setup works well now, and I hesitate to get into trouble with new PCIs which might upset the existing ones...
    Thank for sharing you happy (or unhappy) experiences on that !

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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    I\'m taking the Music Lab installation in two steps. I installed the software on my PTLE machine and my GSt 96 machine yesterday, but didn\'t use it. I wanted to make sure it didn\'t make wither of the machines unstable just being there.

    I did some bounces yesterday which I\'m saving.

    This evening I\'m going to rewire my files to try that interface and see how it works.

    You will need to pay attention to interrupts, but I doubt you\'ll need to be as careful as you are with an audio card. We\'ll see. A low priority interrupt may cause some extra latency in the deliverey of MIDI packets. We\'ll have to see if it\'s audible.

    I would suggest that you\'ll probably want to be on a switch ethernet network and not just hooked up through a hub though...


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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    I hope one of the MIDI Replicator users here can help me out.

    I set up Music Lab\'s MIDI Replicator on my Win ME/Pro Tools machine and on my GigaStudio machine. Everything is working fine between the two machines. PTLE sessions can play a song and GSt picks it over the network up just fine.

    My problem is how to route live MIDI data coming from my controller to GSt? The controller MIDI Out is hooked to the 001 MIDI In. I need to route the 001 MIDI In to NetPipe0 Out live/real-time. How do I do that?

    Without this route, there\'s no way to hear my GSt piano when just playing the keyboard or when recording in PTLE.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    Well, I\'ve never used ProTools before, but perhaps it works similiarly to Cubase in this respect. In Cubase, I configure a midi track\'s properties (ie- set the midi out to a particular device such as:

    Midi Channel = 1
    Midi Device = NetPipe Out 00

    On the Giga Machine, Port 1 is assigned to NetPipe In 00, and on channel 1 I would have the piano or whatever.

    When I play anything on that track in Cubase realtime, it is triggering that channel on the giga pc and I hear it as I play.

    I\'m not sure why, if you already have it set up so that midi nfo is being sent to the giga pc when you play a song back in ProTools, that it wouldn\'t also trigger it if you target a track and just start playing a part on the controller.

    In Cubase at least, I have to make sure an \"arm for record\" button is depressed on the selected track before it will let me trigger samples assosiated with that midi channel/port device. But that\'s just the way Cubase works, nothing to do with midi replicator. Hope this helps in some way.

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    Re: Music Lab - MIDI Replicator - Anyone Using?

    btw, Mark, maybe you could answer a question for me? I\'m having delay problems if I have an audio track in Cubase with wav data on it playing along with midi triggered over the network to the giga machine. The midi seems to be triggered after the audio, and phasing problems keep creeping up. I\'m just curious to know if you\'ve had any problems like this?

    If not I can hopefully rule out midi replicator as the culprit, and focus on ASIO settings or Cubase protocols. I sent MusicLabs an email inquiring into this but the answer was a little difficult to understand. Here\'s my email, which I promised earlier to post here if anyone else ran into this:

    \"I am using 2 computers, one running gigastudio, another running cubase.
    MIDI Rep. is sending midi data from the Cubase Comp to the Giga Comp,
    triggering the appropriate sampled instruments, and it is doing this
    perfectly. However, when I layed an audio track on the Cubase Comp (in this
    case a drum loop to be played along with the sampled insts), then pressed
    <play>, the audio began instantly, and the midi data seemed very slightly
    behind. Over a period of 5-8secs, the phasing is so bad as to make this
    > I\'ve spent a considerable amount of time hunting down potential problem
    areas, such as ASIO configuration probs with the sound card or software,
    latency settings, etc, but have yet to track down the problem. When I
    revert back to a single midi cord, all seems well enough.
    > So my question is really this: Is this a known problem and/or limitation
    of the Midi Replicator? If it is, then I at least have a place to start
    looking. If not, well, back to the drawing board for me. I just need to
    get this out of the way before I spend any more time looking for solutions
    to a problem that might be a \"known\" already.
    > Again, thanks for making this software, I really do love having it, and it
    works flawlessly so long as all I need are midi tracks.\"

    The response was:

    \"Dear Mike,

    Try to make an audio layer shorter (about 5-8 secs from start point).
    What will be with MIDI phasing in this case after an audio track ends?

    Another suggestion. Cubase has the priority settings for audio and MIDI
    systems separately. Try to decrease priority for audio system (so
    increasing the priority for MIDI).
    I suppose an audio system brakes netpipe out device...

    Have a good day,
    Sincerely yours, Alexander Kluyev, support@musiclab.com\"

    I\'ve been messing around with it, but haven\'t really solved it as of yet. Worse case senario, I might have to set up yet another machine with Cubase on it, slave it to the primary Cubase machine, and have it triggered via Midi Replicator to iron out the timing issues. Really don\'t wanna do that tho...

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