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Topic: Demo now "finished" - suggestions?

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    Demo now "finished" - suggestions?

    Hey all,

    I\'ve gotten to the end of a little piece I\'m doing just for the heck of it. I posted a \"work in progress\" asking for suggestions a week or so ago, and got several ideas that were very helpful. It\'s nice to get other perspectives on this stuff, even if the music I\'m working on is mostly for my own amusement.

    Anyhoo, I\'m now interested in any other suggestions that your ears can bring to my attention.

    Here was the old one:
    Sacramentus in progress

    Here is the \"finished\" one:
    Sacramentus - to the end

    Thanks again, if you\'re taking time to listen!

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    Re: Demo now "finished" - suggestions?


    Just listened to the finished version, cant say much to improve it yet..(I will listen again when i get back from work..)

    But it sounds great [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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